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Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events

Complement your dream holiday with fantastic music, exciting dancing, great theater or exhilarating sports. The Isrotel hotel chain hosts a range of cultural, artistic, sports and recreational festivals and events all year long.
Isrotel's festivals and events – a wonderful opportunity to combine a fabulous vacation with excellent entertainment, just the way you like it!
Isrotel Fata-Morgna 2013
Isrotel Fata-Morgna 2013
18-21 September 2014
Following the amazing success of Isrotel Fata-Morgna, we are proud to present, for the eighth time, Isrotel Fata-Morgna, at Timna Park.
The event, which will take place at the foot of ‘Solomon’s Pillar’ in the park, is the highpoint of events and festivals presented by the Royal Beach Hotel and Isrotel hotels in Eilat.
Details to follow soon.
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Vacation @ Tel Aviv
Isrotel Tower invites you to enjoy a vacation in the city that never sleeps.
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