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Conferences - Carmel Forest

Conferences - Carmel Forest

Perfect conferences and events at the only dedicated health and wellness resort and spa in Israel
Carmel Forest Spa Resort is increasingly chosen among companies, businesspeople and private customers as a venue for meetings, business encounters, brainstorming sessions, company events and private events. Truly, it’s easy to understand why...

Just one hour away from Tel Aviv, a green and indulgent paradise awaits you. The team and the serenity turn every event at the resort to an intimate and satisfactory experience. When you are relieved of any worry or distraction and isolated from any interruption, your mind is freed up to deal solely with matters at hand. And if you can also enjoy an indulgent spa treatment, then why not?
Events and Conferences
The Carmel Forest Resort is set to host events and conferences of any kind and scale. Extensive gardens, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, large halls and intimate meeting rooms provide everything you need to produce your dream event.
Our professional team will do everything to make your dream come true and will accompany you from the concept phase all the way to the final splendid result. Our team includes concept artists, designers, food and beverage experts and well-known production people.
Business Meetings
Business meetings are a rather delicate affair. Within the right atmosphere, really great ideas surface and every matter may be smoothly resolved. Here at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort, we can provide that atmosphere. 6 meeting rooms and halls of various sizes with adaptable designs meeting any requirement, along with an auditorium fitted with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, will provide you with all the atmosphere and space you need and much more.
First fun, then business
Probably the best thing about the conferences and events at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort is – that they are held at the only health resort and spa in Israel. Hence during every event you can treat yourselves and your employees or guests to about 70 relaxing treatments and massages of various styles: aromatic oils, hydrotherapy, Ayurveda treatment, mud wraps, hot stone massage, Swedish massage, healing, Shiatsu, cosmetic treatments, and many more…
And if you have already treated yourselves to massages and treatments, why not add a refreshing swimming pool session, visit to the gym, cleansing at the sauna, treat in the jacuzzi, guided walk through the forest, Yoga and Tai Chi lessons, meditation exercise or a lecture about living a healthy lifestyle at one of the resort’s workshops..
Gourmet Meals
You sat, you contemplated, you decided, you strolled through the forest, enjoyed a massage and relaxed in a jacuzzi – great! Now you’re free for the really important things:
The Resort Restaurant - a unique culinary paradise that serves indulgent gourmet dishes in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. The meals are prepared with an emphasis on health and freshness, using only the best basic ingredients. All dishes are prepared on site by the resort’s chef, with no food coloring or preservatives. The fresh spices are picked in the resort garden, transforming the meal into an unforgettable experience.
The Resort Restaurant serves breakfast, brunch and lunch, and a meat meal at dinner.
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