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Isrotel operates the luxurious Cramim hotel on outskirts of Jerusalem. Isrotel is the leading hotel chain in Israel that is currently expanding and thus offering guests the option of enjoying a luxury hotel in Jerusalem.
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Cramim Resort & Spa
Cramim, the new spa hotel, is situated in the heart of the Judean wine region,
a 15 minute drive from Jerusalem. The hotel is surrounded by a beautifully
scenic, pastoral setting and offers a quality experience of combined leisure,
recreation, fine wines and impeccable tastes. Hotel guests will enjoy an
exquisite chef restaurant, boutique wine bar, a contemporary spa complex
with unique vino-therapy treatments, as well as pampering rooms and suites
that boast a modern interior design.
Further details about Cramim Resort & Spa
Rates starting at $360 per couple, per night.
In a double room, during weekdays, bed & breakfast (individuals incur an additional charge).
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Vacation @ Tel Aviv
Isrotel Tower invites you to enjoy a vacation in the city that never sleeps.
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