Terms of the Purchase

The website, isrotel.co.il, is the website that provides information regarding the Isrotel Hotels and facilitates on-line purchase of leisure packages within the framework of the Isrotel Hotel Chain (from hereon in: "the website"). Reservations made via the website of leisure packages (from hereon in: "the services") in the Isrotel Hotels is a binding procedure that is equivalent to reservations made via all other means through the Central Reservations Office. The website is owned by Isrotel Hotel Management Ltd. Every purchaser and/or person interested in purchasing services via the website and/or anyone who enters the website (from hereon in: "the purchaser"), makes a declaration and is obligated that he is aware of these regulations relating to the website and agrees to the instructions contained therein, and he will not make a suit or claim, either directly or indirectly, against the website and/or its operators and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or those working on its behalf. Part of the website is written in the masculine form for the purpose of convenience only, but is aimed at men and women alike.

Ownership and protection of rights

Isrotel Hotel Management (1981) Ltd. (from hereon in: "Isrotel Management") has the copyright to the website and any other module that is connected to the website. One must not copy, photocopy, advertise, distribute, sell or change parts of the information that appears on the website without the written permission from Isrotel Management, with the exception of downloading for personal (and not commercial) use. In addition, Isrotel Management has the copyright to the logo, commercial signs and icons displayed on this site (collectively: "commercial signs"). Also no part of this website suggests approval or the right to use the commercial signs without the written approval of Isrotel Management. All the rights on the website, without exception, are reserved exclusively by Isrotel Management. Isrotel Management reserves the right to close or make changes to the website at any time.

Conditions for use of the website

Any person in possession of a valid credit card issued by one of the credit card companies detailed below is eligible to purchase services via the website. The credit card companies are as follows: Visa Cal, Visa Alpha, Diners Club, American Express, Isracard and Mastercard. The purchaser is only allowed to use the website in order to make a reservation and purchase services and/or receive information. The website may not be used for other purposes. Illegal use of this website or any of the information contained therein contravenes the copyright or the laws associated with them. Isrotel Management reserves the right to change the general rules of usage of the website at any time. Any disputes, if and when they arise, will be resolved in Israel, in the courts of the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa only.

Details of the purchase of services

When the purchaser wishes to purchase services via the website, he will be asked to provide personal details (from hereon in: "details of the purchase"). The owners of the website and/or the operators and/or those who own it and/or the managers and/or those working on their behalf are not responsible for human error made by the purchaser in typing the details of the purchase, including a mistake in the choice of the leisure package, the date, number of beds and any other service that was reserved by the purchaser via the website. Isrotel Management is not in any way responsible, either directly or indirectly, in the event that details of the purchase were not accepted on the system, and/or for any technical and/or other problem that prevents the purchaser from purchasing services via the website. Typing false details of purchase is a criminal offence. Legal steps will be taken against those who present false information, including claims for damages that could be caused to the website, to its operator and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or those working on their behalf.

Implementation of the reservation

The implementation of a reservation will be done by inputting details of the purchase into the system.
Implementation of the reservation via credit card.Credit card details are required only to secure the reservation. The purchaser will receive an automatic answer by email confirming the reservation, once all the credit card details have been provided. The purchaser must print out this confirmation and present it to the reception, on his arrival at the hotel. The confirmation of the reservation is done automatically, whereas the charge will only be made to the credit card on  arrival at the hotel.
The implementation of the reservation is on the basis of availability only and confirmation will be made only after a representative of Isrotel Management gets back to the purchaser and confirms his reservation. Without this confirmation, Isrotel Management is not obligated to honor the reservation.

Loyalty club members

A purchaser who declares that he is a member of one of the Isrotel Hotel Chain's loyalty clubs - Sun Club, Club Royal, Carmel Forest Club - will be eligible for the discount offered to loyalty club members, at the time of inputting the details of the purchase. The purchaser must present his loyalty club card to the reception clerk on arrival at the hotel as proof of membership in order to receive the discount he was offered at the time of booking. If the purchaser does not present the card as described above on arrival, the discount will be annulled, and he will be charged the full rate according to the rack rate applicable at that time.

Policy regarding reservation cancellation

1. Every person purchasing services from Isrotel Ltd. (hereinafter referred to
    as "the company") is eligible to cancel the transaction in accordance with the
    notes in Clause 14C of the Consumer Protection Law 1981 (hereinafter
    referred to as "the law") and that is within fourteen (14) days of the day of
    transaction (from the day of the reservation), provided that the
    cancellation will be made at least two working days before the time in which
    the service was meant to be provided.
2. A cancellation should be made in writing, by fax, registered mail or personal
    delivery to the offices of the company. In any case of cancellation, the
    person making the reservation will be charged a cancellation fee that will not
    be higher than 5% of the reservation value or 100 NIS, whichever is the
    lower amount, provided that that cancellation was not made as a result of a
    fault or unsuitability between the service and the details given to the
    consumer, as noted in Clause 14E (A) of the law. In this case, no
    cancellation charge will be levied. This is subject to the following conditions:
    2.1 A cancellation charge will be levied in accordance with the number of
             cancellations made.
    2.2 A cancellation charge of 100 NIS only will be levied on the cancellation
             of the reservation in its entirety by the guest, regardless of the
             number of rooms reserved. On the other hand, if the same guest
             cancels one room and then, on a different occasion, cancels another
             room on the reservation, a charge of 100 NIS will be levied for each of
             the cancellations.
    2.3 The above is relevant for both seasons.
3. The cancellation right as stated in Clause 1 above does not include the fixed
     services as stated in Clause 14C and D (2) of the law (accomodation, travel
     leisure or entertainment services), where the time fixed for providing
     services begins within 7 working days of the day of transaction (from the
     day of the reservation). Then the cancellation charges begin, as fixed by
     the company and detailed below:
4. The person making the reservation will be charged 50% of the value of the
     original reservation, subject to the following conditions:
     4.1 The guest will be charged for the cancellation in accordance with the
           percentage and the time as stated in the table and will be calculated
           only according to the value of the rooms that were cancelled and not
           according to the value of the reservation in its entirety.
     4.2 The above is relevant for both seasons.
5. Half of the cancellation charge (that is 25% of the value of the original
    reservation) will be made available to the person making the reservation for
    a vacation at another time in one of the hotels of the company. This right
    will remain at the guest's disposal for a period of 6 months only from the
    date of the original reservation.
6. Guests will have one possibility of making changes of any sort to their
    reservations and this is within a period of 3 months from the date of the
    reservation and with the condition that the changes will not be made within
    the 3 days prior to the date of arrival in the hotel.

Conditions and limitations

1. Isrotel Management reserves the right to cancel or change the conditions
    related to the acceptance of reservations, as well as the prices published on
    the website.
2. The prices on the website are in US dollars and do not include VAT.
3. Where the prices are displayed in dollars, the exchange will be calculated
    according to the representative rate fixed on that day by the Bank of
4. The stay of the purchaser will commence at 15.00 of the day of the
    reservation and end at 12.00 on the day of check out.
5. A baby is defined as up to 2 years and a child from 2 to 12 years, as
    regards the stay in the hotel.
6. There is no duplication of deals.
7. The number of places is limited and implementation of the reservation is
     based on availability only.

Correct data

The implementation of the reservation requires the input of data. Care must be taken to input correct data. Isrotel Management is not responsible for mistakes made by the purchaser when typing details of the purchase, including mistakes in the name of the hotel, date, number of beds and any other service ordered by the purchaser via the website.

Information and pictures on the website

Information relating to both Isrotel Management and third parties can be found on the website. Isrotel Management is not responsible for either the content or essence of the information or advertising published on the website. All the pictures featured on the website are for illustrative purposes only. Since the pictures are displayed on the computer screen of the purchaser and/or on the printer of the purchaser's computer, there could be discrepancies and differences between the appearance of the products in the picture and their appearance in reality.


The website contains links to other websites (from hereon in: "the linked website"). Isrotel Management provides these links for the convenience of the purchaser only and is not responsible for the content that appears on the linked website or on the linked websites of the linked website, for their validity or legality. Should the purchaser decide to access these websites, he does so on his own responsibility only. In order to link with or present the website isrotel.co.il on other websites, one must contact Isrotel Management to receive their approval.

Limitation of responsibility

1. Isrotel Management and/or the operators of the website and/or the owners
    and/or the managers and/or whoever works on their behalf is not
    responsible for the fact that the system through which the website
    operates, be clean of viruses or other components that may cause damage
    to the personal computer of the purchaser at the time that he enters the
    website and/or purchases services via the website and/or uses the website
    in another manner.
2. Isrotel Management is not responsible for damage that is causes as a result
    of failure or delay during the time that the purchaser is trying to use the
    website, including using it in order to make a reservation.
3. Isrotel Management will not accept responsibility for any illegal activities on
    the website by a purchaser or any other person that is not under its
4. At any stage, Isrotel Management is qualified to cease or prevent
    communication or access of the purchaser to any part oft the website.

Changes on the website

From time to time, Isrotel Management may change the structure, content, appearance, conditions of use, scope and availability of the services appearing there, and any other aspect related to the website and its operation - without any need to advise the purchaser in advance.