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Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions for Online Reservations/Purchases
    The website ( provides information about Isrotel Hotels and additionally enables purchasing holiday deals at the chain's hotels (referred to as "the site"/ "website"). Booking holiday packages (referred to as "services") through the website is a binding process equal to booking in any other way. The site is owned by Isrotel Hotels Management Inc. Customers who purchase or wish to purchase a vacation through the website or any other person who visits the site (referred to as "buyer"), declare and commit that they have read and accepted these terms and conditions and comply with them, and that the buyers or any other party who represents the buyers shall not have any complaint or lawsuit directly or indirectly against the website, its operators and/or its owners and/or its managers or their representatives.

    Ownership and Rights Reservations
    Isrotel Hotels Management (1981) Inc, R.N. 510886245 of 29 Hamered Street, Tel Aviv 68125 (referred to as "Isrotel Management") has copyright regarding all content on this website and other modules of this site, one may not copy, duplicate, publish, distribute, sell or change any information or part appearing on this website without a written approval from Isrotel Management except in cases of personal and non-commercial downloads. In addition, the logo, commercial trademarks and icons presented at this website (collectively referred to as "trademarks") are registered and protected under copyright laws by Isrotel Management. No part of this site shall indicate on permission or right to use the trademarks without a written permission from Isrotel Management. All rights in this website without any exclusion belong solely to Isrotel Management. Isrotel Management reserves the right to change the site or close/remove it at any time.

    Website Conditions of Use
    Every person who has a valid credit card issued by one of the following companies may purchase services through the website: Visa CAL, Visa Leumi Card, Diners Club, American Express, Isracard and MasterCard. Buyers may use this site only for acquiring information or for ordering or purchasing services. One is not allowed to use this site for any other purpose. Reservations through this website are done only by credit cards. An order cannot be placed without filling out buyers' credit card details. Credit card information is saved only to ensure the reservation. We charge the credit card only at the hotel the guests have booked. Illegal use of this website or information published on it is a violation of copyright laws and other laws linked to them.
    Isrotel Management reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions from time to time. Any dispute should be sorted in Israeli courts, at Tel-Aviv Jaffa courts only.

    Details of Buyers
    When purchasing services through the website the buyer is requested to fill out his/hers personal details (referred to as "details of purchase"). Website owners and/or site operators and/or the owners and/or their managers and/or their representatives are not responsible for any mistake made by the buyer in typing the details of purchase, including mistakes regarding choosing the vacation package, dates, number of beds, as well as any other service ordered by the buyer through the website. Isrotel Management shall not be held directly or indirectly responsible in cases in which the details of purchase are not entered or received by our reservations system, and/or in case of technical problems and/or any other problem that prevents the buyer from purchasing services through the website. Entering false purchase details is a criminal offense. Persons submitting false details will face lawsuits including damages claims due to possible damages of the website, to its operators and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or their representatives.

    Placing an Order
    Orders are placed by entering all the needed information in Details of Purchase.
    1. Placing an Order Using a Credit Card
    The entered credit card information is used only to secure the order. After entering credit card information the buyer will receive an automated email message confirming the reservation. Buyers must print the confirmation and bring it to the hotel, and hand it to the front desk. Order confirmation is automatic in online reservations, the client's credit card will be charged only upon arrival to the hotel.
    2. To clear any doubts, by ordering services from Isrotel Hotels, you agree to receive direct messages including receiving mail containing commercial content/ advertisement, and that you shall receive the information in any way you chose. In addition, you may, at any time, notify Isrotel that you are no longer willing to receive any electronic messages, by sending an e-mail to
    Club Members
    A buyer who declares that he/she is a member at one of Isrotel's costumers clubs: Sun Club, Club Royal, Carmel Forest Club shall receive a discount, offered to club members, when entering details of purchase. Upon arrival to the hotel, buyers are requested to show their club membership card to the receptionist as proof of their membership in order to receive the discount price for club members. If a buyer will not present a membership card upon arrival, the discount will not be applicable and buyers will be charged for the full price in line with the price list of the time of arrival. Sun Club discount will be applicable in accordance with the club's terms and conditions. A Sun Club member may order up to two rooms with a club's discount, only in case that the second room is a kids' room (for persons under 21 years of age).
    In case a club member made several reservations on consecutive dates (in all of Isrotel's hotels), he/she shall be entitled to only a single points benefit (for his/hers next stay).

    Cancelations Policy:
    Canceling orders must be done in line with the Consumer Protection Law of 5741 -1981 (referred to as "Consumer Protection Law") and the regulations that are related to it. After a buyer ordered a service through the website's reservations system, and after he/she received confirmation from Isrotel, he/she may cancel the purchase. Let us be clear that in order to cancel a reservation Isrotel must receive a written notification from the buyer in the following ways: sending an e-mail to or sending a registered letter to Isrotel's Reservations Center in the following address: Isrotel Royal Garden, Northern Beach Eilat 88000 or by sending a fax to 972-(0)8-6387775 or in case the buyer received a written confirmation from a call representative in the reservations center, clients may contact the call center – 972-(0)8-6387797.
    1. Regular Season:
    A guest who canceled his/hers order up until one week prior to arrival will pay a handling fee of NIS100 per room or 5% of the total deal value, whichever is the lesser. Guests who shall cancel their order seven days or less before the reserved date will be charged with 25% of the total deal value.
    2. In case and the guest made a reservation and did not arrive at the hotel without canceling the order beforehand, the guest will be charged with 50% of the total reservation value.
    3. July, August, Holidays and Special Occasions:
    Guests who shall cancel their reservations from the moment of placing the order and 21 days prior to the reserved date, will pay a handling fee of NIS100 per room or 5% of the total deal value, whichever is lower.
    Guests who shall cancel their reservations 7 – 21 days prior to the reserved date (in case 14 business days have passed from the day of the order) will be charged with 25% of the total value of reservation.
    In case cancelation occurs 7 days or less prior to the reserved date, the guest will pay 50% of the total reservation value.
    Isrotel Hotels (or a party representing it) will charge the credit card that was provided by the costumer at the initial order.

    Changes in Reservation by the Client
    Any change in reservations, including changing the times of flights (as long as the flights were ordered together with a hotel package through Isrotel's website), should be done by contacting Isrotel Reservations Center, and in line with the Consumer Protection Law and related regulations. Requests for changes in orders placed on the website, should be done in writing only (registered mail, fax or via e-mails) and should be sent to Isrotel Reservations Center in Isrotel Royal Garden, Northern Beach Eilat 88000, or to the following email address or to the following fax no. 972-(0)8-6387775 or by written confirmation of the changes sent to you by a phone representative after he/she was contacted by the costumer by phone 972-(0)6387797.
    If the guest changed the order, the new date of placing the order shall be the day Isrotel Reservation Center received the message via mail, emails, fax or telephone call.
    In case the message was sent on a sabbatical in Israel, the date of changes will be the following business day.
    We shall not handle any requests or claims for changes unless they include written documents, signed and confirmed by Isrotel Reservations Center.
    The consumer will pay for any additional costs due to changes in reservation and he/she would be informed of any costs prior to making the changes by Isrotel Reservation Center.
    Prices of services appearing on the website are subjected to periodical updates and changes.
    In case there is an inconsistency between the price offered on the website and the prices of Isrotel Reservations Center, the price of Isrotel Reservations Center is the correct one.
    In case prices are changed due to rise in prices, the rise in prices will include reservations which were already placed, excluding reservations which were already finalized and costumers received a final confirmation in writing from Isrotel Reservations Center.
    In case your order includes flights, please note:
    Do read the attached file - airlines guides and information regarding terms of flights and cancelations by the airline.
    Consumers do not have to order a seat for a baby under the age of 24 months – however, they must show an ID which includes the baby's age in the day of flight.
    Flights are operated by scheduled and/or charter airlines under the conditions published by the airlines or commercial flights regulators. We emphasize that Isrotel has no responsibility regarding flights operation including routes, schedule and luggage issues which are under the airlines' responsibility and there might be cases that schedules change without previous notice.
    We would like to make clear that Isrotel will not comply with any demand/ regarding flights including refunds or compensations due to any damage/ costs/ or distress due to services which the airlines are responsible for.
    The site's discount of 5% is for hotels reservation only and not for flights in packages that include both flights and hotel rooms.
    In Case Your order Includes Flights, We Advise You to Note…
    1. Please read the airlines' guidelines regarding their flights/ cancelation regulations in the following link.
    2. The time of flights and/or arrival and/or any changes do not imply any changes in times of hotel's check in or checkout.
    3. A baby under 24 months of age does not require an additional seat – however, parents (or other accompanying adults) must present an ID at check in, indicating the baby's age at day of flight.
    4. Flights which are operated by commercial/charter airlines are executed under terms and conditions published by the airlines and/or civic flight regulators. We would like to make it perfectly clear that Isrotel is not responsible for any part of the flights which are under the airlines' fields of responsibility/liability including route, schedule and luggage issues – all under the sole responsibility of the airlines and there may be cases in which the schedule might change without notification. We would like to make clear that Isrotel will not comply with any demand regarding flights including refunds or compensation due to any damage/ costs/ or distress due to services which are the airlines are responsible for.
    5. The site's discount of 5% is for hotels reservation only and not for flights in packages that include both flights and hotel rooms.

    Terms and Limitations:
    1. Isrotel may cancel or change the terms of receiving reservations as well as all prices published at the website at all times.
    2. In addition to the above limitation (Terms and Limitations (1)), Isrotel Hotels Management Inc. has the right for a one-sided cancelation or disapproval of any reservation or deal. Isrotel has the right for cancelation even in case that the costumer has received an automatic confirmation if one of the following occurred:

    a. There is an error in the price of the deal; Isrotel Hotels Management Inc. is not obliged to this deal. It may fully refund the costumer and/or contact him in order to complete the order.

    b.  In case there was a mistake in any detail regarding the published deal, in its definition or due to human error.

    c. In case there was any mistake in the ordering process solely depending on the company's deicision.

    *For all cancelations under this section (Terms and Limitations (2)), Isrotel Hotels Management Inc. will not charge cancelation fees.


    3. The prices appearing at the website are in US Dollars and do not include VAT. Reservations made by Israeli guests (guests who are Israeli citizens) will be charged according to the Israeli law.
    4. If prices are in US Dollars, payment will be calculated upon the day of payment exchange rates as published by the Bank of Israel.
    5. Guests may stay at the hotel starting on day of reservation from 3 PM until 12 noon on day of leaving. At Isrotel Royal Garden and Isrotel Riviera, time of checkout is 11 AM and check in is from 4 PM.
    Check in and Checkout – Carmel Forest Resort: Weekdays (Sun-Fri) – guests may arrival at the resort at 1 PM and rooms are available from 3 PM. Checkout is at 12 noon of the following day. Checkout on Saturdays is until 3 PM. On Saturdays guests may arrive at the hotel at 4 PM, rooms are available at 6 PM. Visitors should checkout by 12 noon. Visitors may remain at the resort and use the facilities until 6 PM of the day of checkout. Guests of Carmel Forest Resort must be 16 or older.
    Check in and Checkout – Cramim Hotel – Weekdays (Sun-Fri): arrival from 1 PM, rooms are ready at 3 PM.
    On Saturdays arrival starts at 4 PM and rooms are available at 6 PM. Checkout is on 12 noon on weekdays and on 3 PM on Saturdays.
    Check in and Checkout – Beresheet Hotel – Weekdays (Sun-Fri): arrival starts on 1 PM and rooms are available from 3 PM, checkout is on 12 noon. On Saturdays (and holidays): arrival begins at 3 PM and rooms are available at 5 PM, checkout is on 2 PM.
    Check in and Checkout – Royal Beach Tel Aviv – Weekdays (Sun-Fri) check in begins at 3 PM checkout is by 12 noon. On Saturdays (and holidays): check in begins at 3 PM, checkout is on 12 noon.
    Checkout later than the above times in all days of the week must be confirmed by the hotel's management and is subjected to additional costs.
    6. According to Isrotel's rules, babies are infants younger than 24 months of age; children are between 2 and 12 years of age.
    7. Sun Club discounts are offered in accordance with Sun Club's terms and conditions.
    8. Promotions are not valid in conjunction with other special offers.
    9. Hosting children or teenagers under the age of 18 is possible only if they are accompanied by an adult (21 years of older). Ordering and staying in rooms at Isrotel Hotels is allowed only for people who are 18 years old or older.
    10. The number of rooms/suites is limited and reservations are subject to availability.
    All bookings require filling out personal information. When filling out an order all data provided by costumers must be correct. Isrotel Management is not responsible for any mistakes or typing errors made at time of reservation, including choosing the wrong hotel, dates, number of beds as well as any other services ordered by the clients.
    11. Reservations through the website are personal therefore one cannot make more than two reservations under the same name.
    12. Prices appearing on the website are in Israeli Shekels (NIS) and are offered to Israelis only. Reservations for foreign citizens or foreign residents are based on Euro/USD, based on the price list at time of order.

    Pictures/Photos and Information on Website
    The website includes information published by Isrotel Management and information of other parties. Isrotel Management is not responsible for any content and information including advertisements appearing on the website. All photos are for illustrative purposes only. Since the photos appear on a computer screen and/or printed by the buyer, there might be differences and variation between the way the products look at the photos and the way they actually look.

    The website includes links to other websites (referred to as "linked sites").
    Isrotel Management provides these links for the users' convenience and it does not hold any responsibility for the information on the linked sites or other websites linked to them, for their validity or any legal aspect regarding these websites. If users choose to visit the websites, they are responsible for doing so. In order to link or present in other websites, you must contact Isrotel Management for confirmation.

    Limitation of Liability
    1. Isrotel Management and/or site operators and/ or managers and/or owners or any of their representatives are not responsible for the website's server, whether it is clear of any viruses or other malware that may harm the personal computer of the buyer while the latter is visiting the website or purchasing services through the website or uses the website in any other way.
    2. Isrotel Management is not responsible for any damages due to a delay or failure during the use of the website, including using the website for reservation purposes.
    3. Isrotel Management is not liable for any illegal activities of a buyer on its website or any other party which is not under Isrotel's control.
    4. At any point, Isrotel might deny users access to certain pages on to the website or as a whole.
    Changes on Website
    Isrotel Management may change from time to time the site's structure, content, appearance, terms and conditions, the extent and availability of offered services, or any other aspects regarding the site and its operation. Isrotel can do that without giving the buyers any notice.