Carmel Forest Spa Resort

Carmel Forest Spa Resort

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Fantastic Spa & Complete Peace


The resort covers some 18 acres of gardens and groves, in the midst of Carmel Forest Natural Reserve's green scenery and it is the biggest health and spa resort in Israel. SpaFinder, the top spa magazine named the resort as The Best Spa in the Middle East several years in a row. The resort is far, but not too far; secluded but guests never feel lonely and due to our array of services, guests will feel comfortable and satisfied  in each and every moment of their stay.

The building is built on a slope. In order not to change the natural skyline, each storey is situated on a different level of the hill; the resort also covers part of the area surrounding the hill. The resort gets the 'vibe' of the green and peaceful setting. Most of the one hundred and twenty six luxurious and well designed rooms and suites have forest view. Guests can enjoy the various facilities of the resort: a gourmet restaurant, a wine bar and a spacious and indulging spa, the famous Carmel Forest Spa which offers a vast array of beauty and health care treatments.

Board Basis: Half board (guests may have lunch at either Carmel Restaurant, the Lobby or Pool bars for extra costs). 

Smoking and using mobile phones in public areas are strictly forbidden.

Guests must be 16 years old or older.

Buffet dinner is served (and not at the regular a-la-carte style) on Saturday nights (Motza'ei Shabbat).

***Carmel Forest Spa Resort be kosher for Passover from April 7th 2017 until the end of the holiday***

Carmel Forest is a 5+ star-hotel (according to the official rating of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism)

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Additional Information

  • In the Hotel

    • Restaurants Restaurants
    • Free WiFi Free WiFi
    • Outdoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool
    • Indoor Swimming Pool Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Spa Spa
    • Fitness Club Fitness Club
    • Tennis Court Tennis Court
    • Concierge Concierge
    • Laundry Service Laundry Service
    • Room Service Room Service
    • Conference Rooms Conference Rooms
    • Auditorium Auditorium
    • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms
    • Wine Bar Wine Bar
    • Synagogue Synagogue
    • Shop Shop
  • Contact Details

    PO Box 90 000, Haifa 31 900, Phone 04-8307888, Fax: 04-8307886

    Check In

    Sun-Fri: check in from 1:00 PM, rooms are available at 3 PM.
    Sat and Holidays: check in from 4 PM, rooms are available at 6:00 PM. Guests who arrive at Saturdays or holidays before 4 PM will be charged with additional fees.


    Carmel Forest Spa Resort guests get daily newspapers delivered to their rooms.

    Special Requests

    Requests should be made in advance, please contact our reservations team by phone prior to your arrival.

    Conference Center

    The resort includes a conference center with numerous halls and meeting rooms. During April-September events may be held outdoors (in the garden).

    Our professional and experienced staff hosted many events (weddings, conferences etc.) to the satisfaction of the visitors. Our team will accompany you every step of the way. Visitors may also order food and drinks from our excellent kitchen.


    Free parking on site, the main parking lot is outside the resort; there are several spaces within the Carmel Forest resort.

    Check Out

    Sun-Fri: by 12 noon.
    Sat and Holidays: by 3 PM. 
    On Saturdays and holidays guests may remain in the resort until 6:00 PM and have free access to the facilities.


    Free Wi-Fi connection is available in all rooms and public areas.  

    Information for Observant Jews

    The hotel includes a synagogue, Shabbat clock (please order in advance) and minibars suited for Shabbat.

    Lighting Shabbat Candles: allowed only at the entrance to Carmel Restaurant.

    Glatt Kosher meals are available but must be ordered in advance (surcharge).

    A late departure on Saturday has to be confirmed with the reception (surcharge).


    Parking: Several parking spaces for the disabled are available in the parking lot and inside the resort.

    Pine Rooms – one accessible room.
    armel Suites – one accessible suite.


Featured Reviews

  • Irwin Keller “Overall an extremely wonderful spa vacation. Services are great and food is spectacular and more than plentiful. The air conditioner is only set to work during the daytime in November. That would probably be fine because the evening air is cool. Unfortunately, the windows cannot be left open because there are no screens in the windows and at least during our visit, there were an excessive number of moths that came in through the ioen windows. The only solution then is to be hot and uncomfortable during a warm spell in the fall. Did not get any sleep because of this. My suggestion is to either add screns to the windows or program the air conditioners to work in the evenings. There is also knly 1 person staffed at the front desk to act as check in manager, concierge, etc. which is too little staff for a fine hotel. ” - Irwin Keller
  • M. Fisher “We stayed at a room that was renovated earlier this year and it was great - spacious and comfortable. My husband and I really liked the serene atmosphere at the resort and would come back again.” - M. Fisher

Last Review

  • David holt “We had a really nice time celebrating my birthday. Very relaxing atmosphere great summer weather pleasant during the day a cool in the evening. The food was good- not outstanding considering the price of the stay. The gardens were amazing and we had a great talk by the chief gardener about herbs. He was 100% dedicated to his work and to his place of work something exceptional in this day and age. The entertainment provided in the evening was very mediocre - minimum investment a shame as we were 100% of the time in the hotel during the stay. Also one thing which really left a bad taste to an otherwise pleasant stat was that I left my charger in the hotel with 100% certainty and till time of writing still have not had it returned by the hotel or even been contacted by them following my enquiries ” - David holt

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