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Stay in Shape – Holiday Workouts

Health and Fitness During Your Vacation

  • Worried about gaining weight during your vacation? Mild fitness training is better than none at all and even on a busy holiday you can find plenty of opportunities for some exercise. Most hotels and resorts have equipped gyms and some offer other facilities and activities such as tennis and squash courts, yoga and Pilate classes and swimming pools. You might be away from home and your training routine, but you can still stay fit!

    Aerobic and Cardiovascular Exercises

    If you are used to aerobic training such as jogging, cycling and swimming, in most hotels you can keep up with your routine. You can start your day at the pool, go out for a run or cycle in the gym. Most hotels offer a fitness center with a professional trainer who can plan for you a suitable workout plan for your vacation. After all your effort, you can relax your muscles in a sauna or a hamam.

    Sitting in a hot tub after workout can relax the muscles and increase the range of motion as well as lessen any pains. Do make sure that you get at least 20 minutes' rest before getting into the hot tub in order to lower your heart rate. Remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after your time in the hot tub.
    Since people tend to eat bigger breakfasts in their vacations than they usually do, you should exercise in the early morning hours, before breakfast.

    Unique Sports Activities at Hotels
    Many hotels and resorts offer unique workouts and activities beyond the fitness gear at the gym and swimming pools. At Carmel Forest Spa Resort for instance, you will find the perfect balance between working out and relaxing. You can use the gym and the pool as well as enjoy other activities such as yoga, tai chi and swimming classes. After the training, visit the most luxurious spa in the Middle East and relax.
    Guests of Cramim Spa & Wine in Jerusalem Mountains has a multi-purpose fitness room that hosts daily yoga sessions as well as weekly Pilate, Salsa and Les Mills classes. Visitors of Cramim can also enjoy the outdoor and indoor pools and a state of the art gym.
    Royal Beach Eilat also offers a modern and well-equipped fitness center (entrance for a fee). In the hotel's spa by Carmel Forest you can enjoy various treatments as well as a sauna, a hot tub, a Turkish hamam and more.

    Outdoor Workout
    If you like the fresh air, you can enjoy various outdoor activities during your vacation. Many resorts offer cycling tours, walking or running trails, tennis and basketball courts etc. Going to Eilat? The city offers many water sport activities including water skiing and kayaking. If you feel like trying something a bit different you can dive in the Red Sea or give hover parachuting a try. This way you get to experience the unique Red Sea up (or) close and personal.