Mizpe Hayamim

Mizpe Hayamim

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Hotel. Spa. Organic Farm


Mizpe Hayamim organic spa and boutique hotel is the exciting new addition to the Isrotel Hotels.
This prestigious, widely-renowned organic spa hotel is located in the north of Israel just minutes from Safed and Rosh Pina, boasting marvelous views of spectacular Galilean scenery. It is known by many simply as 'paradise'.
The hotel’s 97 luxurious rooms and suites are meticulously designed to give every guest an exceptional vacation experience. The hotel is situated in the heart of approx. 37 acres of fields and orchards, blossoming gardens, a livestock farm, a dairy and of course the big and hugely diverse organic farm, which provides most ingredients to the hotel's kitchen and restaurant. The hotel additionally offers an expansive spa offering dozens of body and beauty treatments, a vegetarian restaurant overlooking the spectacular Galilee scenery and the acclaimed Muscat restaurant*.
The lavish spa complex includes a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, an indoor jacuzzi and an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking breathtaking landscapes, wet and dry saunas, a gym, a tennis court, and more.
All those who already adore Mizpe Hayamim can continue to enjoy everything they loved during their previous stays: the stunning scenery, peace, tranquility, pampering spa treatments, and excellent dining options. The Mizpe Hayamim organic spa hotel is truly the perfect combination of beauty, quality, tranquility, and Isrotel Hotels' impeccable service.

*The hotel's kitchen is dairy (no Kashrut certificate). Muscat Restaurant is non-kosher.

Guests may choose to have dinner at Muscat Restaurant instead of the vegetarian (dairy) restuarant for additional costs of NIS95 during SUN-THU and on Saturday, on Friday the price is NIS155. The price is per person.



Hotel Location

Additional Information

  • In the Hotel

    • Restaurants Restaurants
    • Free WiFi Free WiFi
    • Outdoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool
    • Indoor Swimming Pool Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Spa Spa
    • Fitness Club Fitness Club
    • Tennis Court Tennis Court
    • Concierge Concierge
    • Laundry Service Laundry Service
    • Room Service Room Service
    • Conference Rooms Conference Rooms
    • Auditorium Auditorium
    • Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms
    • Wine Bar Wine Bar
    • Synagogue Synagogue
    • Shop Shop
  • Parking

    Free parking on site, parking for the disabled.

    Check In

    Sun-Fri: check in from 1:00 PM, rooms are available at 3 PM; check out before noon.
    Sat and Holidays: check in from 3 PM, rooms are available at 5 PM; check out before 2pm.

    Special Requests

    Requests should be made in advance, please contact our reservations team by phone prior to your arrival. (972) 04-699-4555.


    Parking - there are a few parking spaces for the disabled.

    Rooms - 2 Galil View Rooms are accessible for wheelchairs. Please request a suitable room in advance.


    No, we don't have smoking rooms in Mizpe Hayamim. Also, smoking is not allowed in any indoor or outdoor public area (including in the pool) except for special smoking areas. 

    Dinner in Muscat (meat) Restaurant

    Guests may choose to have dinner at Muscat Restaurant instead of the vegetarian restaurant for additional costs of NIS95 during SUN-THU and on Saturday, on Friday the price is NIS155. The price is per person.


    Free Wi-Fi connection is available in all rooms and in the lobby.  

    Information for Observant Jews

    The nearest synagogue is 10 minutes on foot.

    The vegetarian restaurant uses only kosher ingredients but does not have a kosher certificate. 

    Muscat Restaurant is not kosher.

    Guests with Children

    To maintain Mizpe Hayamim's peaceful atmosphere, only children above 10 years of age are allowed in the hotel.


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