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Isrotel Direct for Groups

Isrotel Direct for Groups

Dream Group Holiday and Organized Trips at the Isrotel hotel chain

Group holidays are our specialty at Isrotel. The Groups Department at Isrotel is in direct contact with parties interested in going on a collective vacation, and specializes in arranging group vacations for groups of all sizes. 8 Isrotel hotels in Eilat together with 4 hotels around the country allow you to take advantage of your budget in the most efficient manner possible, to get the most out of every event.

To provide you with the most financially viable group vacation packages, we got together with Israir and Isrotel Manta Diving Center, to provide you with group vacation packages that include flights, accommodation at hotels, and a combination of activities and attractions at appealing prices.
Leading up to your next group vacation, take the right steps and contact Isrotel, Israel’s leading hotel chain, directly. Meet a representative of Isrotel for groups, plan the event just the way you imagined it together, and you can look forward to creative solutions, personal and dedicated service, professional organization and a fair, worthwhile price.

For an initial discussion and meeting dial Isrotel Groups today, at
Tel.: 03-5197770.
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Vacation @ Tel Aviv
Isrotel Tower invites you to enjoy a vacation in the city that never sleeps.
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