Isrotel Hotels in Eilat

When you're looking for the ultimate seaside getaway, join Isrotel Hotels in Eilat and start enjoying endless fun in the sun.

This fabulous beach town is where Isrotel has created its very own iconic resort experience, including a gorgeous private beach, incredible diving sites, countless attractions on land and at sea, fantastic shopping boulevards, and more.

Whether you're in the mood for indulgent luxury or family-friendly activities, absolute tranquility or action-packed adventures, or even the all-inclusive experience, Isrotel's eight Eilat hotels always present the perfect vacation for you.

No matter the theme, every Isrotel hotel is known for its attentive service and warm, welcoming atmosphere, ensuring a truly unforgettable vacation that surpasses all your expectations.

Simply select your preferred hotel and let your Eilat adventure begin.