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Isrotel King Solomon

Isrotel King Solomon

State-of-the-art, luxurious, multi-purpose conference hall in Eilat
The Isrotel King Solomon Hotel offers you a magnificent, multi-purpose conference hall for private events, business conferences, company events and any other event for many attendees.
The Isrotel King Solomon Hotel’s conference hall is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere and the ability to meet your needs to a large extent. The design of the hall can be adapted according to the number of participants and the nature of the conference or event, to a theater-style arrangement, a classroom arrangement or an arrangement around tables.
Its location is just 100 meters away from the large conference and congress center of the Isrotel Royal Beach hotel, allowing you to combine large conferences taking place at the Isrotel Royal Beach or additional hotels in the chain.

An additional advance of the hall, of course, is the Isrotel King Solomon hotel. The famous hotel with its varied kitchen and experienced staff will transform every event to an unforgettable experience.
Hall Capacity
  • The King Solomon Hall – multi-purpose conference.
  • Capacity: 200 seats around tables, 400 seats in a theater formation. It’s possible to divide the area up into 3 meeting rooms and a foyer (business lounge and snacks).
  • Meeting room – There is a room fitted with advanced equipment for meetings which includes 25 seats around a table.
  • “Bat Sheva” hall – capacity: 80 seats around tables, 80 seats in a theater formation.
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