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Management Team

Management Team

The Chain’s Management Team
Isrotel Chain Management and Hotel Managers

Isrotel Management
Owner and President: Julian Lewis
CEO: Lior Raviv
VP Finance: Moshe Magid
Deputy VP Finance: Ori Dubitzky
VP Operations: Shlomi Tahan
VP Engineering: Elhanan Noi
VP Marketing and Sales: Nahum Kara
VP HR: David Blum
Secretary: Yair Sabo
Purchasing Manager: Liza Vaknin
Company Comptroller: Mirit Cohen

Marketing and Sales Department
Sales and Incoming Tourism Manager: Benny Levy
Internal Tourism Sales Manager: Orna Hatuha
Sales Manager, Eilat Hotels: Shlomi Shalit
Marketing Manager: Nir Carmeli
Digital Marketing and Ecommerce  Manager: Racheli Roth
Marketing Communications Manager: Esther Shalev
Rates and Revenue Department Manager: Iris Glick
Pricing Groups and central region hotels Manager: Keren Naamat
Marketing Projects & Membership Clubs Manager: Sigal Yogev
Conventions Dep.Manager: Noam Busidan
Conferences Manager: Lizi Zolkov
Isrotel Direct Manager: Sharon Maor
CEO: Golan Cohen
Hotel rooms Operations Manager: David Amor
Food & Beverages Manager:  Roy Feler
Reception Manager: Meirav Gavra Zarbib
Public Relations Manager: Renni Zvi Shalem
CEO: Adi Pinto
Food & Beverages Manager: Shmulik Finz
Reception Manager: Lilach Cohen
Public Relations Manager: Revital Elisha
CEO: Shani Azulay
Food & Beverages Manager: Evgeniy Tsipis
Reception Manager: Revital Cotter
Public Relations Manager: Michal Kirshner
CEO: Avi Ross
Food & Beverages Manager: Udi Azarzar
Reception Manager: Moshe Pisso
Public Relations Manager: Amit Lavy
CEO: Lior Shoch
Food & Beverages Manager: Yaniv Asraf
Reception Manager: Racheli Levi
Public Relations Manager: Shanit Ben-Horin
CEO: Arnon Lavie
Food & Beverages Manager: Dedi Shushan
Reception Manager: Carlos Camjalli
Public Relations Manager: Marlena Ginga
CEO: Moshe Ben Hayun
Operational Manager: Nataly Eldar
Food & Beverages Manager: Tigran Aslikyan
Reception Manager: Eyal Peretz
Public Relations Manager: Lital Esterhazy
CEO: Moshe Ben Hayun
Operational Manager: Nataly Eldar
Reception Manager: Eli Simantov
Public Relations Manager: Lital Esterhazy
CEO: Sigi Levenkopf
Operational Manager: Sima Robbas
Stand in Reception Manager: Alexander Lomantz
Public Relations Manager: Luguis Feldman
Dead Sea Cluster CEO: Dudu Tzuker
Food & Beverages Manager: Morad Abugosh
Reception Manager: Angela Bellin
Public Relations Manager: Martin Senior Abutbul
CEO: Aya Grondman
Food & Beverages Manager: Ilan Maxwell
Reception Manager: Anna Kleiner
Public Relations Manager: Munira Saloum
Spa Manager : Nina Shapiro
Clinical Dietician: Shira Jivilik Solow
CEO: Ofer Agami
Food & Beverages Manager:Ohad Davidovich
Reception Manager: Mor Shogol
CEO: Sigi Levenkopf
VP: Asher Pinto
Food & Beverages Manager: Amir Dror
Reception Manager: Ido Leibovich
Public Relations Manager: Suzan Aharish
CEO: Boaz Tzur
Reception Manager: Angela Bellin
Public Relations Manager: Hani Gaber
CEO: Haim Cohen Accad
Food & Beverages Manager:
Avi Danoch
Reception Manager: Sima Cohen
Public Relations Manager: Sarit Harel
CEO: Moshe Kanyas
VP: Ofer Agami
Food & Beverages Manager: Oren Zidki
Reception Manager: Ron Brown
Public Relations Manager: Michal Yarmush
CEO: Sylvie Cohen Gabay
VP: Amit Kugel
Food & Beverages Manager: Yaarit Lugassi
Reception Manager: Hanit Sror
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