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Isrotel Ganim

Isrotel Ganim

Events and conferences at the Isrotel Ganim Hotel
Conference hall with a natural atmosphere for hosting events at the Dead Sea.
Isrotel Ganim provides everything necessary for any conference or event and guarantees your peace of mind and total control over even the most complex events.
What's in the Conference Center?
The hotel offers a congress hall suited to conventions, lectures and private parties. Various aids and podiums are available upon request.

On the third floor there are two conference rooms of different sizes: a large hall – ‘Shikma’ and a small hall – ‘Cafria’. During the season (May, October) ‘Cafria’ is used as a dairy, vegetarian restaurant.

It’s possible to accommodate 150 people around tables in ‘Shikma’ and 40 in ‘Cafria’

In a theater-style arrangement it’s possible to accommodate up to 360 people in ‘Shikma’ and 50 in ‘Cafria’
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Vacation @ Tel Aviv
Isrotel Tower invites you to enjoy a vacation in the city that never sleeps.
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