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Isrotel Hotel Chain

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Conferences and Events at Royal Beach

  • It is no surprise that the Conference Center at Isrotel Royal Beach Eilat is the first choice of leading event and conference organizers in Israel. First and foremost because it is at the Royal Beach – Eilat’s leading hotel that provides everything required for an event or conference, guaranteeing you would have complete control of what happens from the planning stage onward. The magnificent events area offers a large modular complex with an abundance of options to divide it up and a range of additional spaces in the hotel and surrounding the pool. 

    Other Isrotel hotels in Eilat are located within walking distance from Royal Beach, with extensive possibilities for additional events and additional levels of hospitality, giving you all the operational flexibility you need to arrange the perfect event.


    What's in The Conference Center?

    Multi-purpose events complex of 1,000 sq. meters, on a single level, with a wide range of design and organizational possibilities

    Huge events hall(of about 600 sq. meters) that can accommodate up to 1,000 people Two spacious entrances for meetings and exhibitions (approx. 350 sq. meters)

    Elegant meeting rooms (divided)

    Advanced audio-visual equipment – projection screens, projectors, sound and light systems and all the equipment required to run a conference or any other event.

    Two meeting rooms on the presidential floors (on the 11th and 12th floors).

  • Royal Beach Resort and Convention Center

    Halls & Exedra
    Hall  Door  Height/Width in meter Ceiling Height in meter Bar" arranging" Class" arranging" Theatre" arranging" Reception" arranging" Length in meter Width in meter square meter
    A+B+C 3.1/2.3 4.8 500 300 900 600 31 19.4 601
    A/C 3.1/2.3 4.8 80 70 200   9.6 19.4 186
    B 3.1/2.3 4.8 90 100 250 100 11.6 19.4 225
    D 2.2/0.8 2.7 150 180 500 300 5.4 7.6 41
    E 2.2/0.8 2.7      30   5.4 5.3 29
    E+D 2.2/0.8 2.7      55  50 5.4 12.9 70
    A1/A2/A3 3.1/2.4 4.8 30 20 30 50 3.2 19.4 62
    Hall A   5.5         27 7.5  202
    Hall B   5.5         15 10  150
  • More at the hotel

    In addition to the Conference level, Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel offers several additional optional multipurpose venues:
    • Receptions, cocktails, events and dinners held around the swimming pool.
    • Dinners and events on the Lobby terrace. 

    We are at Your Service

    We, the Royal Beach Eilat Events Team, love challenges. We love to plan any event, “tailor” it to our client's needs to the last detail, and then soar with the event to new heights of innovation and originality that leave an unforgettable impression. That is how we became the first choice for leading international companies year after year. Every year we host Eilat’s leading events among them “ClassiKameri at Yisrotel” and “Anaphaza in the Desert”, as well as other major international and Israeli conferences. 

    We aim to free our clients from any worry, we take care of everything! Everything at Royal Beach Eilat is managed ‘in-house’: from guest accommodation to flower arrangements, multimedia equipment to the waiters’ uniforms, impressive décor for events to the outstanding catering. The attention given to each and every detail guarantees successful execution and relieves you of any concern on both the operational and professional details.