Trips in the Upper Galilee

חזור לעמוד........
Trips in the Upper Galilee

  • The Mitzpe Hayamim hotel is set in the heart of Galilean nature within one of Israel’s most stunning regions, abundant in lush green views as far as the eye can see. In each and every corner you’ll encounter extensive, natural groves, fields full of agricultural crops and enjoyable trails for hiking or riding.

    At the heart of the Upper Galilee sits the Mount Meron nature reserve with its incredible viewpoints. From the mountaintop a series of striking channels descend including: Nachal Kziv, Nachal Dishon, Nachal Amud and Nachal Tzalmon. In the surrounding area you can visit ancient settlements which form a characteristic mosaic of Israel’s settlements: kibbutzim, moshavim, Druze and Circassian villages, communal settlements and development towns.

    The region further offers tours to Pekiin, the Baram Forest reserve, Ancient Zippori, guided jeep tours of the nature reserves, as well as the chance to get wet kayaking on the Hatzbani down to the Sea of Galilee.