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Wood Grill

  • The Wood Grill, a distinctive meat restaurant, offers a range of choice meats.

    Quality meat selections on the menu include: sweetbreads, hanger steaks, Wagyu rump, lamb chops, veal fillet and more. The unique branches concept, complementing the farm-fresh, nature-sourced ingredients, rounds out and completes the Galilean culinary experience.

    The restaurant, overlooking breathtaking views of the Galilee, offers a gourmet menu in constant dialogue with the changing seasons and inspired by the Farm to Table concept.

    Though the Wood Grill menu is solely kosher, the restaurant does not have a certified hechsher as it is open on Shabbat.

    Half-board guests of the hotel may dine in the Wood Grill for an additional payment of 95 NIS per guest.

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