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Art at Royal Beach Tel Aviv

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Art at Royal Beach Tel Aviv
  • When humanity gives birth to a new invention that challenges its entire conception of reality, there is – as in every course of integration – a period of acclimation, examination and experimentation which entail processes of attraction and rejection, acceptance and mockery. A complex web composes the very substance of the relationship.

    Such is the progression of the birth of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which we are experiencing at this time with great intensity. All of reality as we know it is changing, from how we think to processes related to all areas of life, including artistic creativity. AI in this field constitutes an artistic medium in itself, enabling infinite creative possibilities that are developing at a dizzying pace. Will humanity have the wisdom to utilize this resource and channel it to productive and constructive places?

    The exhibition “Storm of Brains” generates an additional perspective on the processes of receiving new media. It places human productivity on a very high pedestal – as if presenting a challenge to AI – and glorifies the human aesthetic object until it becomes an invincible object. Or is it?

    The exhibition features works of art, some of which reference digital content, while others are sculptural works that praise the work of the human hand, reverting to a futuristic tribal craft, raising the question: Will AI one day succeed in creating objects that are not an imitation of human work, but rather a cultural monument of its own? Engaging in intelligence and the mind is also a way of engaging in creativity and the body.
    Therefore, some of the works simulate webs of brain neurons, the aesthetic product of frequencies picked up during meditation; two hands, like in the work of Michelangelo, trying to touch each other and create a new world; or human arms that form a giant chess game. For the most part, the materials the artists used are very traditional: wood, ceramics, rice paper, plaster or porcelain. They served as raw materials for three-dimensional printing. In some works, preparatory sketches were drafted by laser on tiles.

    You are invited to explore the exhibition using the digital map you can open by scanning the attached QR code.

    This is the tenth exhibition presented throughout the Royal Beach Tel Aviv Hotel. It is part of the Isrotel Chain’s comprehensive investment in Israeli culture and contemporary art, and its contribution to encouraging the creation of original Israeli art.

    Curator: Sharon Toval


    Yonatan Ullman

    Vardi Bobrow

    Shay Id Alony

    Ariela Wertheimer

    Guy Aon

    Hila Laiser Beja

    Avinoam Sternheim

    Yael Bronner Rubin

    Aviv La-Oz Kalif

    Sharan Elran

    Ronen Tanchum

    Adar Michel Segali

    Gal Bar-Adon

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