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Carmel Market

  • The Carmel Market is easily the largest and most famous in Tel Aviv.  In recent years, it has also become a bustling entertainment area, with restaurants, cafés and stalls selling street food. It is the perfect location to sample the very best that Israel has to offer.

    From the moment the day begins, the market's vendors call to thousands of passersby to see, taste, and buy their fresh fruits and vegetables, boutique cheeses, fish, meats and the fresh baked goods whose aroma wafts through the air. But the wares aren't just limited to food! You can also find clothing, games, kitchen utensils, decorations, and souvenirs at bargain prices.

    A tour of the Carmel Market gives you an authentic taste of the old Tel Aviv and Israel, while simultaneously introducing you to the young and vibrant atmosphere of the city's central market.

    The colorful old market, founded more than 80 years ago, is full of stories, legends and secrets, and is waiting for you just a few minutes' walk from the Royal Beach Tel Aviv.