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  • Old Jaffa is a mere stones throw from the Royal Beach Tel Aviv.

    This ancient city has endured throughout the centuries, with its walls dating back to the 19th century. Its area encompasses residences and alleyways on the western and southern slopes, HaMidron Garden on the northern slope, and Gan HaPisga and Kedumim Square on the hilltop.

    Jaffas colorful port and the Sea Walls Promenade attract many visitors who enjoy leisurely walks along the wall, watching the sunset, and soaking in the history that emanates from every stone.

    Be sure to visit some of the most interesting points of the area:

    The Artists' Quarter – In the 60s, many abandoned homes in Jaffa were restored and handed over to artists and artisans in an effort to redevelop this charming neighborhood. The alleys were paved with natural stone and named after zodiac signs.

    The complex includes galleries, workshops and the Hasimta Theater, as well as a number of religious sites, including the Sea Mosque and the Franciscan Saint Peters Church.

    Gan HaPisga & HaMidron Garden – Explore archeological excavations, ancient houses, artworks, and cannons from the Napoleonic Wars. The area is surrounded by an abundance of vegetation that thrives in the sea air. Oleander, tamarisk, agave and white broom trees grow here, among others. Fig and date trees grace the area at the top of the hill. Wide lawns span the garden, which also hosts an amphitheater.

    The Wishing Bridge – Adorned with tablets representing various zodiac signs, and adjacent to the zodiac mosaic, this bridge attracts hopeful visitors in droves. Supposedly, if you make a wish with one hand on your star sign, your wish will come true.

    Kedumim Square – The plaza covers the citys central excavation area. All the antiquities that were found there have since been relocated to the Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities in Gan HaPisga. The site is now home to an indoor visitor center, as well as several restaurants and cafés. During the summer, visitors can enjoy many cultural events, such as Jaffa Nights.

    More Local Attractions – Immerse yourself in Jaffas culture and history by visiting any number of the following attractions: the House of Simon the Tanner, Hasimta Theater, Hamam Event Center, Old Saraya House, Arab-Hebrew Theater of Jaffa, Harif Beach (also known as the Arches Beach, between the Ajami and Shem HaGedolim neighborhoods), Andromedas Rock (seen from the observation point of Jaffa Hill), St. Peters Church, St. Nicholas Monastery, Libyan Synagogue, Ilana Goor Museum, and Clock Tower Square.