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The Monkeys

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The Monkeys Pub
  • As the famous saying goes, "if you haven't been to the The Monkeys Pub, you just haven't been to Eilat."

    This lively English pub with an international vibe has become a landmark within Eilat nightlife, known and loved by everyone who has ever visited the resort city.

    Located at the foot of the Royal Beach Eilat, where the pub's tables spill out onto the walkway and beach, Three Monkeys beckons people from all over the world with its vibrant music and welcoming atmosphere.

    The pub regularly hosts DJ nights and live performances by UK bands, with patrons enjoying a light bar menu alongside a wide selection of beverages, from countless beer varieties to the finest scotch.

    Opening Hours: From 8:00pm daily, until the last guest leaves
    Reservations: 08-6368989 (1:00pm-7:00pm) | [email protected]