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The Ramon Crater

חזור לעמוד........
The Ramon Crater
  • The Ramon Crater offers many thrilling hiking trails suitable for the whole family.

    The Saw Mill trail includes a rare geographical phenomenon on the bottom of the Ramon Crater. The "Saw Mill" was created during an ancient volcanic eruption when magma penetrated a sandstone hill, melting the natural stone. As the sandstone cooled, symmetrical prisms were left behind, resembling the wooden boards found in a carpentry shop.

    Alternatively, follow the ancient spice route on a trail connecting the Saharonim camping site to Ein Saharonim – through Nahal Ardon, Nahal Nekarot, Givat Herut, Ein Ardon and its dyke, and more.

    Tip: Always check the current status of the Ramon Crater trails before setting out on your hike, and take a map of the trails with you. Maps are available from the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center.