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Carmel Forest – Triangle

  • Isrotel Hotels' groundbreaking project 'Carmel Forest Art' promotes contemporary Israeli art.
    Triangle is an art exhibition presented at various spaces in Carmel Forest Spa Resort. The exhibition shows works of painting, photography and sculpture of some of the best artists who currently work in Israel.

    Carmel Forest Spa Resort is proud to additionally host the Residence Program in which artists are invited to stay at the resort and create a series of works in the stunning natural surroundings of Carmel Forest. The art studio is located in the 2nd floor and the resort's guests may watch the artists while they work. Occasional master classes are also available.
    The collective exhibition Triangle discusses the interrelations between man-nature-internal spaces. It corresponds with another triangular interjection in Carmel Forest Spa Resort itself; between nature, the modernist man-made structure and the people who stay at the resort. The main themes of Triangle are the relationship between man and nature, the invasion of nature into closed architectural spaces, and the places in which man and nature become one.

    Triangle paintings are divided into sub-themes and displayed in several spaces. On the ground floor spectators can view paintings that examine scenery, especially in points where the external and internal intertwine. Works shown on the restaurant floor focus on humans in either closed spaces or their effect on nature. Pieces displayed on the Wine Bar floor portray various moments in which man and animal interact. In the public spaces of the spa floor visitors can enjoy sculptures and collages depicting metaphors of man and nature. Also in the spa area, pieces of art examining the elements: water, air and earth. In the 1st floor, along a dimly lit corridor, visitors can watch works that examine the relationship between light and darkness.

    All displayed works are for sale.
    Ask at the reception for more information and suggested itinerary.
    Curator: Sharon Toval


    List of Works Featuring on this Page (from top to bottom):

    Ohana, Ofra. Fountain (2013), oil on canvas 140X200 cm.

    Glazberg, Sharon. Magical Territory (2011), mixed media, 27X136X34 cm. 

    Hochhauser, Ayelet. Pulse (2015), brown glass (incalmo), copper & iron, various sizes.

    Navaro Knafo, Laya. Wolf (2015), oil on canvas, 180 X 100 cm.

    Schayek, Nimrod. Untitiled (2015), wood carvings, various sizes.