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Ranch House

  • Stroll along the exclusive promenade at the foot of the Royal Beach Eilat, and you will discover a meat-lovers paradise.

    Long known as a pillar of premium Eilat dining, the kosher Ranch House Restaurant is the perfect setting for a meal with family and friends, as well as for a romantic evening on the seafront terrace.

    Every premium cut of meat  served at Ranch House is imported directly from Nebraska, having undergone a special aging process to improve its delicate flavor and tender texture. These cuts are then served by weight, alongside a mouthwatering selection of side dishes and refreshing salads. Then, Ranch House desserts complete the meal with absolute indulgence that only Americans can provide.

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    Opening Hours:
    Sunday-Thursday: 6:30pm-10:30pm
    Saturday: 60 minutes after Shabbat until 10:00pm

    Reservations: 08-6368989 | [email protected]