Chef Erez Komarovsky at Mitzpe Hayamim

חזור לעמוד........
Chef Erez Komarovsky

  • Mitzpe Hayamim's culinary consultant, Chef Erez Komarovsky, is the man tasked with shaping the Galilee's myriad natural treasures into a contemporary culinary experience brimming with flavor and creativity.

    Renowned nationwide as a champion of Galilean cuisine, Komarovsky lives in the nearby village of Mattat and cultivates his own organic orchard by his house. As he says, "Over the years, I fell in love with cooking freshly-grown produce, imbued with the aromas of our forest." This passion gave rise to abundant culinary concepts that came to fruition through Komarovsky's unique recipes and innovative flavors. "When I opened the kitchen, the first thing I did was take all the cooks to the garden, so they could wander around and fall in love, just like I did," he explains.

    Komarovsky's deep connection to the land, and to the natural treasures that are an integral part of his life, is also expressed in the bakery that bears his name: Lehem Erez (Erez's Bread). He works closely with Mitzpe Hayamim's bakers and pastry chefs to develop a baking style that makes an authentic local statement.

    His guiding hand can be clearly seen throughout the Mitzpe Hayamim restaurants – in the variety of creative dishes they offer, as well as the unique menus inspired by the "farm to table" philosophy, which is dedicated to the use of fresh seasonal ingredients.

    The Hotel's Dairy Restaurant
    The restaurant's outstanding breakfasts and lunches highlight an appetizing array of cheeses, breads, and produce fresh from the adjacent hotel farm.

    Wood.Grill Restaurant
    The Galilean Wood.Grill restaurant serves up a variety of mouthwatering meats skewered on locally-sourced olive, citrus, or oak branches, which infuse each meat with exquisite flavors.