Isrotel Haifa

The Carmel Forest Spa Resort, at the heart of the Mount Carmel Nature Reserve, is Israel's largest health and spa resort, and part of the Isrotel Exclusive Collection.

The Resort's idyllic location, nestled amid the national park's lush greenery, with stunning views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the northern coastal plain, makes it a tranquil haven for all those seeking to escape the bustle of daily life and simply immerse themselves in the soothing delights of nature – all only an hour's drive from central Israel. 

The Carmel Forest Spa Resort is best known for its large, luxurious spa complex, where guests can indulge in dozens of pampering body, health, and beauty treatments, as well as attractive fun day packages. 

If you would like to hold a conference, convention, or event, look no further than the Carmel Forest Spa Resort.