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Visiting in the Land of Zion? - Must-visit Holy Sites in Jerusalem

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  • Experiencing the diversity of the world’s most powerful religions existing next to one another is one of the best things to do in Jerusalem.

    It seems at times that the Jerusalem Western Wall of the Jews is just a stone’s throw away from Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, such as the Al Aqsa Mosque. There are so many holy sites in Jerusalem that you can spends days visiting them without repeating a single one.

    A lot of people usually ask “What are the 3 major holy sites in Jerusalem?” The complete list of Holy sites in Jerusalem has to include the major religious sects, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

    Photos: Noam Chen

    The Religious Center of Jerusalem

    The Old City of Jerusalem has a long history of being the center of religion for Christians, Jews, and Muslims around the world.  Many Holy sites in Jerusalem host millions of pilgrims who embark on spiritual journeys to the Holy City every year.

    Which Religious Have Holy Sites in Jerusalem

    The entire city of Jerusalem is considered Holy by three of the world’s major religions; Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Each of these religions has specific Holy sites within the city, meaning by simply walking around the Old City, you will find:

    *Holy places in Jerusalem for Christianity
    *Jewish Holy sites in Jerusalem
    *Holy sites in Jerusalem for Islam

    Photos: Noam Chen

    Holy Sites in Jerusalem

    To fully understand the significant role the Holy City plays in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, we will look at each religion separately and discuss the various locations of its Holy sites, as follows:

    Holy Places in Jerusalem for Christianity

    The following are the Holy places in Jerusalem for Christianity that you need to visit:

    The Garden Tomb

    Unearthed in 1867, the Garden Tomb is widely regarded as the burial site of Jesus Christ before his Ascension. It is one of the major Holy sites in Jerusalem for Christianity in the Old City and sees well over 400,000 visitors each year.

    garden tomb

    Photos: Noam Chen

    Dormition Abbey

    Situated on Mount Zion just outside the Old City, the Dormition Abbey is a beautiful Christian place of work belonging to the Catholic Benedictine Order. Each year, the church is the destination of thousands of pilgrims on Spiritual Journeys.

    Chapel of the Ascension

    Located on the mount of Olives, the Chapel of the Ascension is believed to be the place where Jesus ascended to Heaven after his resurrection and is therefore an important part of Christianity.

    The Cenacle

    Also found on Mount Zion, the Cenacle is considered to be the room in which Jesus and his disciples had the last supper.

    Holy Churches

    Besides the Holy sites mentioned above, Jerusalem is also the home of many important Holy churches, such as:
    * Church of Saint Anne
    * Jesus Holyland
    * Church of Saint Mary Magdalene
    * Custodia Terrae Sanctae
    * Church of Saint Peter
    * Saint Agnes Church
    * Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    * Basilica of Agony
    * Church of St. John the Baptist
    * Church of The Tomb Of The Virgin Mary

    Via Dolorosa

    If you want to follow the exact path that Jesus took on His way to His crucifixion, you have to start at the location of Pontius Pilate's court, down the Via Dolorosa, and to Golgotha in the Old City of Jerusalem.

    Christ's Tomb

    Christ’s Tomb is thought to be located just a few yards from Golgotha (the Place of Skulls), close to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Although there is some debate, many believe this is the resting place of Jesus Christ.

    Qasr Al-Yahud

    Qasr Al-Yahud is located somewhere along the banks of the Jordan River and is believed to be the site where Jesus met and was baptized by John the Baptist. It is important because it is the place where the Holy Spirit is said to have come down and settled on Jesus.

    Basilica of the Agony

    Also known as The Church of All Nations, this beautiful Roman Catholic Church is located close to the Mount of Olives and is famous for its bedrock where it is said Jesus knelt and prayed shortly before his arrest.

    Jewish Holy Sites in Jerusalem

    If you are looking for holy places in Jerusalem for Judaism, you have a lot of great options to choose from, such as:

    Mount Zion

    Widely regarded as the place where King David first built his citadel, Mount Zion is a very important part of Jewish history and tradition. It is also said to be the place where the God of Israel resides, making it one of the Holiest places in Jerusalem.

    Hurva Synagogue

    The Hurva Synagogue used to be the tallest building in Old Jerusalem and was used to symbolize the Jewish presence in the Holy City. Although the tall tower was eventually destroyed, the synagogue is still an important site for Jewish followers.

    Rachel's Tomb

    As wife to Jacob and mother to Joseph and Benjamin, Rachel is an important figure in Jewish tradition and to this day, centuries after her passing, her place of rest is regarded as a Holy site by Jews and Muslims alike.

    The Western Wall

    Also called the Wailing Wall, the Western Wall is the last surviving structure of the original Temple built by King Solomon. It is located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter and receives millions of visitors each year.

    western wall
    Photos: Noam Chen

    The Great Synagogue

    The Great Synagogue is a huge place of worship with a capacity of 1,400. It is regularly visited by tourists both for its religious and architectural importance.

    The City of David

    The City of David refers to the area considered by many to be the original site of the main part of Jerusalem and as such, is a very important religious site for many who follow the Jewish religion.

    Photos: Noam Chen

    Belz Great Synagogue

    Built by the Belz Hasidic community thanks to the financial support they receive from followers around the world, the Belz Great Synagogue is one of the largest synagogues not only in Jerusalem but all of Israel.

    The Tower of David

    One of the most famous Holy sites in Jerusalem for Judaism is the Tower of David. It is also known simply as the citadel and is located near the Jaffa Gate. It was built by King Herod as a monumental entrance into Jerusalem.

    The Four Seophardic Synagogues

    Made of a complex joining of four synagogues, the Four Sephardic Synagogues is an architectural marvel made up of the Central or Middle Synagogue, the Istambuli Synagogue, the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, and the Ochanan Ben Zakai Synagogue.

    The Four Seophardic Synagogues

    Made of a complex joining of four synagogues, the Four Sephardic Synagogues is an architectural marvel made up of the Central or Middle Synagogue, the Istambuli Synagogue, the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, and the Ochanan Ben Zakai Synagogue.

    Holy Sites in Jerusalem for Islam

    The third religious group that permanently resides in Jerusalem is the Muslims, and they also have many Holy places to visit, such as:

    Dome of the Rock

    Located within the Temple Mount in the Old City, the Dome of the Rock is an important Islamic place of worship into which only Muslims are allowed to enter.

    Al Aqsa Mosque

    The Al Aqsa Mosque is located very close to a wide number of Holy sites within the Old City of Jerusalem and as such, is highly regarded by the Islamic community. It is considered to be the third most important place in the Muslim religion.

    Qubbat As-Salsalah

    Many small buildings can be found close to and around the Temple Mount, and one of these is the Qubbat As-Salsalah. This particular building is sacred to Muslims because it is considered to be the place where Mohamed ascended to Heaven.

    Al-Yaqubi Mosque

    The Al-Yaqubi Mosque is located close to the Jaffa Gate entrance and is considered one of the most important places of worship for Muslims that visit or reside in the city of Jerusalem.


    Also known as the arched gates, Qanatir is the beautiful archways that surround the Dome of the Rock and signify the entrance into one of the most sacred places in the city of Jerusalem.

    Mosque of Omar

    Completed in 1193, the Mosque of Omar is a very old building and an important place of worship for the Islamic community.

    Dome of the Ascension

    The Dome of the Ascension is the site of the place where Muslims believe their most sacred prophet, Mohamed, to have ascended to heaven and as such is a must-visit area for any Muslim who comes to Jerusalem.

    Al-Khanqah Al-Salahiyya Mosque

    Although it is located in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem, Al-Khanqah Al-Salahiyya Mosque is an Islamic place of worship that is visited by thousands of Muslims each year.


    The beautiful thing about Jerusalem is that it will cater to all religions. So, whether you are Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, when you visit the Holy City, you will be able to see a lot of sacred places that are important to your beliefs. The best way to enjoy your stay is by booking a luxurious suite in one of the Isrotel hotels in Jerusalem.

    via dolorosa jerusalem via dolorosa
    Photos: Noam Chen