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All About Gay Tel Aviv: The Full Gay Tel Aviv Guide

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  • Hosting the only gay pride parade in the whole of the Middle East, Tel Aviv is a haven for international gay visitors.

    From the booming gay nightlife to the range of other popular gay bars to one of the best gay beaches in the world, gay Tel Aviv is the place to be…even if it's outside of pride month.

     Here's our quick guide to everything you need to know about gay Tel Aviv.

    Photos: Danfa Friedlander

    The Best Gay Bars in Tel Aviv

    Gay Tel Aviv starts with the range of gay bars, which are always growing in number. Tel Aviv gay nightlife is a little different from elsewhere on the international gay scene as the Tel Aviv gay scene is based around weekly parties, and not specific bars or clubs.

    That's not to say that there aren't popular Tel Aviv gay bars, because there are. If you're looking for specific gay bars that are popular with locals, popular with gay visitors, or for specific fetishes, you'll find the best gay bars that Tel Aviv has to offer.

    The Best Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv

    One of the main attractions of gay Tel Aviv, the stunning Mediterranean beaches are full of attractive, young people - gay and otherwise.

    Welcomed without question at almost every single beach in Tel Aviv, the most popular gay beach has to be Hilton Beach. Based in front of the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel it's a huge draw for locals and international travelers alike. It gets extremely crowded on Fridays and Saturdays, as it's the weekend in Israel. The Hilton Beach is a short walk away from the Port Tower Hotel.

    Tel Aviv Pride month

    As we mentioned above, the Tel Aviv Gay Pride parade is a hugely popular Pride event for everyone and anyone, but it's incredibly special as it's the only gay pride event in the entire Middle East.

    It's become such an icon of culture to Tel Aviv and Israelis alike that the mayor traditionally kicks off the party, closing the city and organizing a range of events for several days afterward. The party usually ends at Hilton Beach, with an after-party that goes on for hours at Charles Clore Park.

    The range of Tel Aviv Pride events other than the parade, and you can of course expect that Tel Aviv gay nightlife becomes even more exciting during the Pride festival. We recommend booking Tel Aviv gay pride hotels and events as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

    Photos: Danfa Friedlander

    Is the LGBTQ+ Community accepted in Tel Aviv?

    Israel is the sole Middle Eastern country that not only accepts but outrightly welcomes gay people whether local or visiting. Being openly gay is not only legal in Israel, it's often celebrated. Especially in Tel Aviv, where you're highly unlikely to experience anything other than welcoming behavior, including a range of hotel choices that actively market to the gay community, especially during Pride week.

    Gay Tel Aviv life is open and accepting: the gay community is so out and proud in Tel Aviv that it's not even a question of acceptance. The LGBTQ+ community is a fundamental part of Tel Aviv life.

    For truly LGBTQ+ friendly hotels, Isrotel’s Exclusive collection of Tel Aviv hotels is what you need for the best Tel Aviv gay vacation. With four Tel Aviv locations located in the most popular areas of gay Tel Aviv, including right by some of the most popular gay bars, near Hilton Beach, and near the most up-and-coming gay areas of Tel Aviv, restaurant and bar scenes, get your gay Tel Aviv holiday off to the right start

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    Photos: Danfa Friedlander