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Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Jerusalem’s biblical zoo is famous for its similar Noah’s Arch structure and Afro-Asiatic collection of wildlife, many of which are described in the Hebrew Bible

photo: Dafna Tal

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is Israel’s most visited attraction. It’s the home to numerous tourists every year, who mainly come to enjoy watching the animals with their families.

A Short History Class

This zoo was inaugurated in 1940 when the founder Aharon Shulov and his wife decided to open a ‘small animal corner’ in central Jerusalem, specifically on Rabbi Kook Street.

Nowadays, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is located in the Malha neighborhood and is one of the leaders in taking care of endangered species.

Animal Exhibits

People who look for things to do in Jerusalem often go to the zoo because of its multiple alternatives to have fun, watch animals, and more.

The Jerusalem Zoo offers numerous animal exhibits for you to enjoy, including some endangered species that you may not be able to see anywhere else.

Bird Watching Trail

All bird lovers will enjoy the trail they get when visiting the biblical zoo. You can see beautiful species while walking with your loved ones and learn more about animals you didn’t know before.

Photos: Dafna Tal

Underground World

Focused on animals that live above and below the ground, the underground world is one of the children’s favorite exhibits at the bible zoo in Jerusalem.

Kids get to go through tunnels and see moles, meerkats, and prairie dogs at ‘eye level.’ Plus, you may also see species that you couldn’t otherwise, such as the naked mole rat, which spends its entire life underground.

African Savanna

It includes the Marabou stork, the common ostrich, zebras, south African giraffes, and more. In this exhibit, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful animals of the Savanna while you’re still in Jerusalem!

White rhinoceros and nyalas are also around when you visit the zoo’s Savanna. Overall, this exhibit is one of the most interesting ones if you’ve never seen these rare animals before.

Photos: Dafna Tal

Bible Land Wildlife

The biblical zoo of Jerusalem is not only famous for being home to numerous beautiful animals and endangered species. It’s also a place where you can learn about the bible and feel more confident in your faith.

When visiting the Bible Land Wildlife exhibit, you’ll get to see animals that inhabited the land of Israel in biblical times. Even though many of these have become extinct, in the zoo, experts try to preserve the species and even return them to the wild if possible.

Butterfly House

Located on the grounds of the aquarium, the butterfly house is a beautiful exhibit to check out since it’s focused on conserving biodiversity.

You’ll get to see 15 different butterfly species. There are also four different areas dedicated to biodiversity, in which you can see various types of insects.

The Children's Zoo

Children love getting the chance to pet animals, and the biblical zoo of Jerusalem grants them that opportunity.

There’s a petting zoo, a playground, sitting areas with benches, and shady grass areas for the whole family to enjoy some relaxation time.

White Nights Exhibit

Nocturnal animals also have their place at the Jerusalem zoo. The White Nights Exhibit includes barn owls, bats, slow loris, and others!

The Animal Spcecies

In the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, professionals care about giving the animals the best possible. They are concerned for their safety and for preserving endangered species, which is what makes this zoo stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, the zoo offers numerous exhibits and different species to see when you visit. Thus, it’s varied and a fun place to go to.

Tours in the Zoo

The zoo offers different tours you could check out if you want a guided visit. However, if you prefer to go exploring on your own, you can also do that!

Noah's Ark

In the biblical zoo of Jerusalem, Noah’s Ark is the visitors’ center. Therefore, you can go there if you have any questions for the staff or would like some guidance.

Do You Want Something to Eat

Snacks and drinks are available at the zoo. If you’ll spend your whole day there, you have to visit the coffee shop and get something to eat!

Jerusalem Aquarium at Biblical Zoo

You’ll find the aquarium next to the zoo grounds, and it offers many more species that you can check out if you prefer water creatures.

From fishes to cephalopods, the zoo is home to numerous creatures you’ll want to see if you’re going to the sacred city of Jerusalem.

Photos: Dafna Tal

Opening Hours

The Jerusalem biblical zoo opening hours are as follows:

- Sundays to Thursdays from 9 am to 6 pm
- Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm
- Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm

You can last enter two hours before closing, and members are allowed to go in half an hour before the zoo closes.

Ways to Get There

There are different ways for you to get to the biblical zoo, and the prices will vary depending on the one you choose, but on average, it can range between 4 and 6 ILS.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Train Station 

The Jerusalem biblical zoo train station is available for all visitors who want to get to the place and out after their visit. To buy tickets in advance, make sure you look online for the best deals.

Bus Lines

Different bus lines could also get you to the zoo, although they may not be as easy to understand as the place’s train station.


If you prefer, you could always pay for a taxi! In the zoo, you can find one on your way out as well, so it’s up to you!

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Tickets 

The Jerusalem biblical zoo tickets are available at different prices for adults, children, people with disabilities, seniors, police officers, soldiers, and students.

There are also one-year membership plans available if you want to visit the zoo on multiple occasions.

Tips Before You Visit

The Jerusalem biblical zoo animals are unique. Therefore, you should enjoy your time there. Moreover, make sure you stay hydrated during your visit since some exhibits are quite hot to preserve the species inside.

Lastly, the Jerusalem aquarium at the biblical zoo is also a fantastic place to visit, so if you can, take a look at it while you’re there! Try to avoid rush hours and have fun!

Wrapping Up

The zoo is waiting for you, so book your stay at Isrotel hotels in Jerusalem and buy your tickets to see all the animals!