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Cafe Kadosh: All About the Famous Cafe in Jerusalem

Cafe Kadosh became one of Jerusalem’s most popular and famous cafes. You can see a queue stretching into the café on a regular basis to try Kadosh’s best pastries

Jerusalem is known for its rich religious and cultural history. Although there have been many modern updates, the city has preserved many of its historical elements, including 220 monuments that can be dated back centuries.

After taking in the beauty and history of this symbolic city, you might want to catch a quick bite or enjoy a good cup of coffee. Among the eateries and coffee shops in the area, one of the most renowned is Café Kadosh.

If you’d like to know whether it’s worth visiting Kadosh Café in Jerusalem, keep reading! We’ll provide all you need to know in this post.

Photos: Noam Chen

About Café Kadosh in Jerusalem

Among the coffee shops in Jerusalem, Kadosh, which has been operating since 1967, is one of the most sought-after eateries in Jerusalem. This historic location is well known for the pastry store above the café where all the delectable desserts and cakes are created.

The eatery is operated by Itzik and Keren Kadosh and incorporates traditional and cutting-edge techniques to produce delectable dishes.

It can be found on Hamalka street.

The History of Kadosh Café in Jerusalem

Meir Kadosh founded Cafe Kadosh in Jerusalem in 1967. He later handed the company down to his son Itzik and his wife Keren, who now manage both the main kitchen and the pastry kitchen above. The cafe is fashioned in a tidy, traditional European style that creates a distinctly retro ambiance and is a warm, busy, and friendly place.

Kadosh Café in Jerusalem: Menu

Traveling can be a daunting experience, and it's easy to feel like a fish out of water in a new place. One of the concerns many tourists have is food. After all, the wrong food could put a serious damper on your trip.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about eating something strange while dining at this famous café. What sets this coffee shop apart from its rivals, besides its rich history, is the fact that everything is made in-house.

The Menu Has Expanded Throughout the Years

Although the intimate size of the cafe hasn't changed much since its inception, the menu has expanded to include breakfast items, salads, and sandwiches, as well as unique dishes such as stuffed mushrooms, beet pancakes, and freshly prepared pasta. Its impressive menu also features lasagnas, quiches, and fresh, smoked fish.

According to the custom, Café Kadosh in Jerusalem only serves Kosher food. It's also vegan and vegetarian friendly, so you can enjoy a wholesome meal regardless of your preferences or food restrictions.

Photos: Noam Chen


The assortment of sweet and savory pastries, cakes, and little desserts such as tartlets and éclairs has grown as well, and it now resembles a patisserie in Paris. Suppose you are the kind of person that enjoys a good dessert after a wholesome meal. In that case, a visit to this café is a must!


If you’re looking for a quiet coffee shop, this is not it. The place is often bustling with activity as patrons try to get a taste of the Café Kadosh cuisine. However, the establishment does sell quality coffee and cappuccinos, so if the hustle and bustle is no problem, then this is a fantastic place to go.

Many customers claim that Kasosh Café in Jerusalem offers amazing coffee. This is good news for coffee addicts looking for their next great fix.

Patrons Line Up to Get a Taste of Café Kadosh in Jerusalem

Visitors are prepared to wait since they are more than rewarded for their patience, so it's not uncommon to see patrons queuing at the entrance in the hopes of tasting some of the establishment's finest dishes.

However, you must keep in mind that the wait could be long, so if you have a health condition, please take the necessary precautions. Patrons report having to wait an average of two hours to be seated, so bear this in mind if you intend to visit this establishment.

What Does It Cost to Dine at Kadosh Café?

When traveling, it’s important to budget for meals and accommodation and plan ahead so that you get to make the most of your time in Jerusalem. What does it cost to visit Café Kadosh?

It's important to remember that when you visit a historic café like this one, whose pastries and delicacies are in high demand, you can't expect to pay a low price. Dinner for two people with drinks costs roughly 200 NIS.

While it isn't the most affordable, it is still pretty reasonably priced, considering you get wholesome meals made in-house with some of the finest ingredients.

How’s the Customer Service?

Customer service is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an eatery. Reviews online show mixed sentiments. However, for the most part, the staff is friendly and welcoming, so you can expect good service when you dine at Café Kadosh in Jerusalem.

Other Historic Restaurants to Visit in Jerusalem

Have you tried Café Kadosh already? Here are a few other establishments that are known for their rich history, culture, and hospitality:

Austrian Hospice Cafe

The Austrian Hospice's Viennese-style cafe is one of those special places that combine flair, ambiance, and delectable food. On the café's outdoor terrace, tuck into some schnitzel, apple strudel, goulashe soup, or sacher-torte. After finishing your dinner, head to the building's rooftop for a fantastic view of the Old City.

The Quarter Cafe

Another great alternative is Quarter Cafe, a kosher dairy café. It is the perfect choice if you need to host a small gathering or plan a large event. This café is a fantastic spot to eat before or after a neighborhood tour since it is near the Western Wall. Additionally, it boasts a breathtaking perspective of the Old City.

Photos: Noam Chen

Final Thoughts

If you're a foodie, exploring Jerusalem's historic restaurants and eateries is a must during your visit to this iconic city. With fresh, wholesome food and pastries and desserts to die for, it's no wonder Kadosh Café is a firm favorite among locals and tourists.

Are you looking for other tourist attractions or restaurants in Jerusalem? Please browse our website to find more exciting reviews and recommendations!