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The City of Acre in Israel: Where History, Culture and Modernity Meet

Discover the charm of Acre in Israel, a city rich in history and culture. Explore the Old City of Akko and find luxurious comfort at Isrotel's Northern Hotels.

Welcome to Acre, one of Israel’s several ancient port cities, where the deep blue of the Mediterranean meets a skyline dotted with minarets and church spires. 

Here, in the heart of Northern Israel, you’ll live and breathe history as a part of your daily activities. As you wander through the Old City of Akko, you'll feel the echoes of centuries in every stone and street. 

And when the day's exploration ends, the exceptional comfort of Isrotel's Northern Hotels awaits, offering every type of traveler the perfect blend of luxury and local charm.

The Enchanting City of Acre

Acre, or Akko, as it's locally known, is a city where every corner tells a story. 

Here, the past and present merge seamlessly, from the bustling marketplaces to the quiet majesty of ancient ruins. The Old City of Akko, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a treasure trove of history, boasting well-preserved remnants from the Crusader period alongside Ottoman-era architecture. Walking through Acre is really like traveling through time, with each step uncovering a new layer of the city's rich heritage.

photo: itamar-grinberg

The City of Acre’s Markets and Food Scene

One of the most vibrant aspects of visiting the City of Acre is exploring its local markets. Stroll through the alleyways lined with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to artisanal crafts. Barter with local vendors, buy unique souvenirs and savor the rich array of street food that reflects the diverse culinary heritage of the city. 

Speaking of which, the City of Acre is a feast both for the eyes and the stomach! Its culinary scene is as diverse as its history, with influences from the many cultures around the city. From traditional Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines to modern fusion restaurants, every meal in Acre is a discovery of flavors.

Even More Activities and Adventures in Acre

Acre in Israel is a playground for the curious and adventurous. Beyond its historical wonders, the city offers a range of activities to immerse yourself in local culture. 

Take part in a traditional cooking workshop, go on a guided tour through hidden alleys, or set sail from the ancient port for a different perspective of the city. 

And, at the end of your day's journey, Isrotel's Northern Hotels provide a welcoming and luxurious haven where you can rest after all your day’s adventures, and get ready for the next one!

photo: Alla Laitus

Experience Luxury in Acre with Isrotel

Make your stay in Acre even more exciting by booking a luxury stay with Isrotel. With some of the best luxury hotels that Northern Israel has to offer, choose from three of the most idyllic and relaxing hotels, handpicked for their proximity to Acre, below.

Gomeh Hotel

The celebrated Gomeh Hotel is nestled in the scenic landscapes near Acre, and is known locally as the epitome of elegance and tranquility. This hotel combines modern amenities with a touch of local culture, making it an ideal base for exploring the nearby City of Akko. After a day of historical exploration, unwind in Gomeh's luxurious rooms, or indulge in the culinary delights at its in-house restaurant, bringing the flavors of Israel to your plate.

Mizpe Hayamim

Overlooking the majestic Golan Heights, Mizpe Hayamim offers you a blend of rustic charm and contemporary luxury. A stone's throw away from the Old City of Akko, this hotel is a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Indulge in its celebrated spa services, or take a stroll in its organic gardens. The hotel is a perfect juxtaposition of the rustic City of Acre and the modern luxury of Isrotel.

Carmel Forest Spa and Resort

Hands on heart, a stay at the Carmel Forest Spa and Resort hotel is worth a vacation in its own right. It’s an oasis of wellness, nestled in the lush Carmel Forest. It's the ideal spot if you’re seeking a rejuvenating escape after exploring the historic city of Acre. The resort specializes in spa treatments and wellness programs, ensuring that your stay is as restorative as it is luxurious.

Acre in Israel: Experience Past Meeting Present with Isrotel

Acre, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and modern vibrancy, is so much more than just a destination; it's an experience. 

And as you plan your journey to this timeless city, enhance your visit with a stay at Isrotel's Northern Hotels, where luxury meets history. From the historic streets of the Old City of Akko to the comforts of your hotel room, every moment in Acre is a step through history, a dance with culture, and a journey to remember.

Book your adventure to Acre with Isrotel today.