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A Quick Guide to Visiting Timna Park

Planning a visit to Timna National Park Israel? Here’s everything you should know, including how to get there

Located deep in Israel’s Arava Desert and just 17 miles north of Eilat, Timna Park is a majestic desert experience that can't be missed.

With a rich history dating back to the Bible, to a hidden lake (yes, even in the desert), the world's first copper mine, Timna Park is a genuine delight, and suitable for the whole daily.

Here’s our quick guide to visiting Timna Park, Eilat.

Photos: Danfa Tal

The History of Park Timna

Dating all the way back over 6000 years to Biblical times, Timna National Park Israel now sits on the site of ancient copper mines and mining shafts, which can still easily be seen in the park today.

Timna was a highly strategic and important location in ancient times, supplying allies with copper, the first metal for creating a range of tools, weapons, and objects for cult worship.

Nestled among the park’s awe-inspiring scenery, Solomon’s Pillars are a must-see. These huge, sandstone columns look as if they were made in recent times, they’re so perfectly sculpted. Actually, it’s years of wind sheer that’s to thank for their perfect form.  Alongside, the stunning geological landscape is the result of volcanic magma seeping over the years into the cliff faces and freezing there.

Where to Stay Near Timna Park, Eilat

There are several Timna Park hotel options, including the superb range of hotels in Eilat offered by Isrotel.

With 5-star luxury accommodations including the Royal Beach Eilat Hotel and King Solomon Hotel (among others), you’ll have fun for all the family with the on-site fitness club, kids club, spa and range of swimming pools and other fun activities. Other popular Eilat attractions close to the Isrotel hotels include the Dolphin Reef Eilat , as well as the popular Eilat beaches.

We recommend checking out the range of luxury hotel options in Eilat which is the closest Timna Park hotel option you're likely to find. 

How to Get To Timna Park

One of the most popular things to do in Eilat, Timna Park is most easily accessible by car, although there are regular buses leaving from Eilat’s city center.

 Just a 15-minute drive from Eilat, once you arrive at Park Timna, you will be able to walk around on foot, take your own vehicle, or take the Timna Safari Shuttle, which includes a guided visit around the park.

What to See and Do in Timna Park

There are several unmissable sites in Park Timna. These include:

The Mushroom

A large mushroom-shaped rock, the “Mushroom Rock” sits on the site of an Ancient Egyptian copper mine. 

Solomon’s Pillars

A natural part of the cliff wall surrounding Timna Park, the pillars are magnificent in terms of their size and history. Named after King Solomon for his discovery of Argaman (purple) cloth, the pillars connect the park to his era of rule. 

The Sphinx

Much like the sphinxes of neighboring Egypt, Timna Park has its own Sphinx rock formation! It’s named after its sphinx-like shape, a result of the natural weathering on the sandstone rock over the years.

The Timna Park Israel Tabernacle

The historical link between Timna Park and the Bible era to the creation of the Timna Park Israel Tabernacle, a replication of the biblical tabernacle. Accurately constructed, scoring

to the dimensions given in the Bible, you can see the replica’s altar, copper sink, table of showbread, the ark of the covenant, and more. 

Timna Park also offers a guided tour of the Tabernacle on the 12 Tribes Tour.

The Hidden Lake in Timna Park

This sparkling desert oasis has to be seen to be believed. The “hidden lake” in Timna Park is an artificially-created lake to protect the mines from the floods plaguing a nearby river. The Hidden Lake is a tourist attraction in its own right, and pedal boats in the shape of swans or flamingos are available to rent, for an enjoyable desert oasis lake ride.

Important Information About Visiting Timna Park

The Timna Park entrance fees start from 45 NIS per guest aged 14 and upwards, and 36 NIS for children aged 3-14.

Timna Park’s opening hours vary according to the day of the week. 

For weekday visits, Park Timna is open between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For weekend and festival evening visits, opening hours vary.

Have an Unforgettable Visit to Timna Park with Isrotel

Your vacation to Park Timna is one small aspect of your dream Eilat vacation. Keep the wonder of your Eilat vacation going with a luxury hotel experience from Isrotel’s Eilat collection. 

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