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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Northern Israel

Exploring Northern Israel: Unveiling the Beauty and Charm of the Israeli North. Discover ancient ruins, lively markets, breathtaking views, and delectable cuisine

Northern Israel is an absolute treasure trove of diverse landscapes, historical wonders, and vibrant cultures just waiting to be explored!

From the serene Sea of Galilee to the mystical city of Safed, every corner holds a new adventure. Isrotel invites you to experience the luxury and comfort of our exclusive hotels while you uncover the gems of this enchanting region.  

Here are our top 10 fun things to do in Northern Israel.

Exploring Northern Israel

There are many different attractions in Tel Aviv that you can choose from depending on what your tastes are. One certain thing is that you will never run out of things to do in this city.

If your bags are packed and you are ready to visit Tel Aviv, then read this guide and see what lies in store for you!

1.Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

Immerse yourself in the historical richness of the Sea of Galilee! Our number 1 spot of the places to visit in Northern Israel invites you to walk on the shores where history and spirituality intertwine and enjoy thrilling water sports and serene boat trips. The surrounding towns (like Tiberias, which we’ll get into below) offer a blend of relaxation and religious significance, making every moment spent here unforgettable.

photo: itamar-grinberg

2.Haifa and the Bahá'í Gardens

Explore Haifa, a city of beauty and cultural diversity. Hosting a truly fascinating range of places to visit in Northern Israel, Haifa hosts the stunning Bahá'í Gardens, which are a testament to the city’s harmonious multifaith spirit. Discover the picturesque German Colony at the bottom of the gardens and delve into the myriad of museums, all while experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of this port city.

3. Akko (Acre) Old Town

Step back in time in the ancient city of Akko! Wander through the vibrant markets, savor the local cuisine, and explore the well-preserved crusader castle. Every cobblestone here whispers tales of the past, inviting you to listen and learn.

4. The Golan Heights

Behold the scenic landscapes of the Golan Heights! Explore deserted battlefields and hike through the lush greenery. The historical significance and natural beauty of this region create a unique blend that captivates every traveler. Make sure to stop off for some delicious roadside homemade Druze delicacies, and visit some of the most famous wineries in Northern Israel.

5.Hula Valley Nature Reserve

Witness the dance of migratory birds in the Hula Valley. One of the most truly “needs to be seen to be believed” locations in Israel (as well as one of the most romantic places to visit in Northern Israel at sunset), this nature reserve is a haven for biodiversity, offering a glimpse into the harmonious existence of different species. The trails here are a gateway to tranquility and wonder.

6. Rosh HaNikra (Kinneret)

Discover the enchanting beauty of Rosh HaNikra. The sea’s relentless waves have carved stunning grottoes into the white cliffs, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Here, you can explore the winding tunnels and caverns and witness the harmonious dance of land and sea. The panoramic views from the cliffs are a visual feast, showcasing the vibrant hues of nature and the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

photo: itamar-grinberg
Bahá'í Gardens


Tiberias, by the Sea of Galilee, is a sanctuary of spirituality and serenity. It’s a city where diverse religious traditions interweave with recreational activities, offering something for every soul. Explore the ancient ruins at Hamat Tiberias National Park and soak in the historic hot springs. The city’s tranquil ambiance and spiritual vibrancy turn every moment into a divine experience, enriching your journey with peace and enlightenment.

8.Safed (Tzfat)

Step into the mystical world of Safed, a city steeped in Kabbalah, art, and history. Wander through the narrow, winding alleys, each one a gallery brimming with inspiration and spiritual energy. The ancient synagogues here are not just places of worship but sanctuaries that resonate with divine whispers. Safed invites you to immerse yourself in its rich culture and explore the myriad of artistic expressions and spiritual teachings that flourish in its ancient stones.

9.Mount Hermon

Ascend the majestic peaks of Mount Hermon and embrace the boundless adventures it offers. From exhilarating skiing experiences in the winter to explorative hiking adventures in the summer, Mount Hermon is a playground for the whole family. Discover the diverse flora and fauna that adorn this mountain, each one a precious jewel of nature, revealing the intricate tapestry of life that thrives in this elevated paradise. Plus, discover exciting wineries in Northern Israel in the surrounding towns’ vineyards.


Delve into the layered history of Caesarea, where ancient ruins whisper tales of bygone eras. Explore the remnants of the amphitheater, the palaces, and the aqueducts, each one a testament to the city’s glorious past. The nearby Aqueduct Beach offers a serene escape, where the melody of the waves accompanies the echoes of the past, allowing you to reflect on the timeless dance between nature and civilization.

Recommended Hotels in Northern Israel

Complete your northern Israel journey with a luxury stay at a range of locations! Isrotel’s exclusive collection presents the epitome of luxury and comfort in Northern Israel. Our hotels are sanctuaries of relaxation, offering a range of experiences for every traveler and every type of need.

Carmel Forest Spa Resort, Greater Haifa Area

Nestled in the Carmel Forest, the Carmel Forest Spa Resort is a 7.5-hectare oasis of peace and tranquility. As the largest health spa in Israel, it offers top-tier relaxation therapies, exquisite culinary delights, and stunning vistas. The flawless service and the array of facilities make it a haven of luxury.

Mizpe Hayamim Hotel, Galilee

Located in the lush Galilee region, the Mizpe Hayamim Hotel is a natural treasure. The “farm to table” style restaurant serves the freshest produce from the hotel’s farm. The acclaimed spa and the breathtaking views of the Galilee make it a popular destination for those seeking wellness and beauty.

Gomeh Hotel, Sea of Galilee

Wake up to the sublime views of the Sea of Galilee at Gomeh Hotel. The luxurious cuisine, stunning beach, and amazing views create an unforgettable experience. The outdoor pool and the on-site restaurant are the cherries on top of this luxurious stay.

Explore the Best of Northern Israel with Isrotel

There are so many things to do in Northern Israel: the district is the perfect symphony of diverse attractions and luxurious accommodations.

Every moment here is a step into a world of beauty, history, and culture, and all just 2 hours from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Explore Israel’s gorgeous Northern District with Isrotel, and start making your vacation memories today.