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A Quick Guide to Vacationing at the Ramon Crater, Israel

Have a magical vacation at the breathtaking Ramon Crater with Isrotel. Here’s a quick guide to your next Ramon Crater vacation with Isrotel.

Photo: Dafna Tal

One of the most breathtaking sites in the Middle East, if not the world, the Ramon Crater is a worldwide rarity.

The largest crater of its kind, it measures 14 km across and 40 km long, and is a testament to the region’s millennia of volcanic and geological history.

If you're planning a trip to the Negev Desert, a trip to the Ramon Crater is a must.

Photo: Dafna Tal

Ramon Crater History

Believe it or not, the Ramon Crater is not the only crater in the Negev Desert! It’s actually one of five craters in the Negev Desert, but it is the biggest. There's a small crater, a larger crater, the Ramon Crater (which is the largest in the crater group, not to mention the largest in the world), and two other small craters on Mount Ardon in the central Negev.

Contrary to popular belief or local folklore, the craters were not created by a meteoric impact, but instead by the process of erosion.

Photo: Dafna Tal

The crater was discovered in the early 1940s by two groups of explorers, among them the young Shimon Peres, later Israel’s 9th President.

In the 1950s, the Ramon Crater was used as a mining quarry for essential minerals needed for the young state of Israel to build and support its fast-expanding population. Soon, it was recognized that the Ramon Crater was an area of natural beauty and wonder, and should be preserved.

Nowadays, the Ramon Crater and the surrounding area form a nature reserve under the authority of the National Parks Authority. The areas previously used as mineral quarries are undergoing geomorphological rehabilitation aimed to reveal the layers of rock that were previously damaged.

Where to Stay Near the Ramon Crater

Buried deep in the Negev Desert, you won’t find many hotel options as you would in the bustling center of the country.

Isrotel’s exquisite hotels in the Negev Desert offer some exclusive Ramon Crater-adjacent options for visitors.

The Beresheet Hotel is perched right on the edge of the Ramon Crater, with each luxury room facing out into the breathtaking beauty of the Ramon Crater and the Negev Desert. Every one of the 39 ground-floor rooms comes equipped with its own private pools, while the hotel offers a luxury spa, a magnificent swimming pool, and unending panoramic views of the entire Ramon Crater.

The Ramon Inn is a more family-friendly Ramon Crater-adjacent hotel. Offering apartments complete with kitchenettes, living rooms, and a variety of Ramon Crater-adjacent activities, it's the ideal location for explorers of all ages, families, and groups of friends on a joint exploration of the Negev Desert.

The Ramon Inn features a state-of-the-art fitness suite, a heated indoor pool that’s open year-round, wet and dry saunas, and organized tours into the Ramon Crater and around the Negev mountains.

Things to Do Near the Ramon Crater

Visiting the Ramon Crater Negev is mostly an experience in itself. Although located minutes away from the town of Miztpe Ramon, the crater attracts much more attention for its sheer stunning beauty.

Easily arranged from your hotel, there are a wealth of activities and organized tours available in Ramon Crater. Abseiling into the crater is a popular pastime, and the hotel will be happy to point you in the direction of the local bike and hiking trails, both of which the area is famous for.

Stay at the Ramon Crater Israel

The Ramon Crater is a wonder in itself, but your Ramon Crater vacation can be made even more wonderful with Isrotel’s set of Ramon Crater-adjacent hotels, suitable for every type of traveler.

Enjoy the perfect Ramon Crater vacation with Isrotel.

Photos: Dafna Tal