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Best Gay Bars in Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv gay bars scene is so big, you need to know the “best gay bars in Tel Aviv”! Here’s a quick set of recommendations.

Tel Aviv is a almost as well known for its beaches as it is for its gay bars, and has one of the best Pride parades worldwide. While Tel Aviv is famous for its Pride events, you can still find some of the best gay bars in the world all over the city, all year round.

Of course, you need to consider whether you're looking for gay bars that cater to the locals, or more to tourists. Since the Tel Aviv gay bar scene is so wide-ranging, you'll find everything you could ever need, and more besides!

Here's a quick rundown of the best gay bars Tel Aviv has to offer.

Photos: Danfa Friedlander

Sphagat, Nahalat Binyamin 43

Loved by locals and tourists alike, Sphagat is a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone and anyone, boasting the honor of being one of the oldest gay bars in Tel Aviv and Israel. you'll enjoy intimate seating, with an amphitheater split-level interior. You'll be able to have a full view of the dance floor, which is important…Sphagat hosts some of the most famous DJs in Israel and internationally. Don't forget to try the cocktails too!

Layla Gay, Tel Aviv, Yavne 31

One of our top picks for the best gay bar in Tel Aviv, Layla’s solid gay vibe also attracts curious people, thanks to its excellent signature cocktails, great menu, and consistently good-looking crowd and staff. It’s a highly popular gay bar on the Tel Aviv pride circuit, and Layla is one of the best gay bars Tel Aviv can offer all year round.

DTM Gay Bar, Ha-Mekhuga 10

One of the newest on the Tel Aviv gay bar scene, DTM is based in the popular Florentine neighborhood. You’ll find a spacious inside and outside, as well as a gorgeous rooftop overlooking the entire Tel Aviv area, all the way to the Mediterranean sea.

Photos: Danfa Friedlander

How Many Gay Bars Are in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting cities in the world and has to be experienced to be fully experienced. That’s because there’s nothing quite like the Tel Aviv nightlife, complete with a welcoming atmosphere for every type of traveler, and a constant party atmosphere.

This, along with its easygoing, international vibe, means that it's impossible to say how many gay bars are in Tel Aviv exactly. With new gay bars opening up all the time, and every bar in the city accepting gay clientele without so much as an eye-blink, the very definition of “gay bar” is much more fluid. On top of all that, there are some gay bars in Tel Aviv that cater specifically to certain fetishes, host drag shows, and beyond.

Photos: Danfa Friedlander

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