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Tel Aviv Beaches: The Full Beach Review

Tel Aviv has so many beaches, and sometimes choosing the right one turns a pleasant experience into a frustrating one.

With a fully welcoming coastline, Tel Aviv beaches are considered the top destination spots to visit. There are plenty of options from the south (Jaffa) to the north (Tel Aviv Port). Whether you want to soak up the sun, play volleyball on the strip, or spend a day swimming and playing, there’s something for everyone.

Most of these beaches in Tel Aviv are free, so you don’t have to spend any money. Plus, there are sunny and fun things to do all day long. Once the day turns to night, you can grab a quick shower in your hostel or hotel and then enjoy the nightlife!

The Beaches That Are Worth Going To

Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Regardless of what you enjoy doing on the beach, you’re sure to find many options to meet all of your needs. Continue reading to get descriptions, addresses, and more information about the best Tel Aviv beaches!

Tel Aviv Banana Beach

On the weekends, Tel Aviv Banana Beach is crowded with foreigners and locals alike. There are various umbrella-covered tables and chairs at the beach café, so you can always experience delicious food. Likewise, you will find the sea straight ahead and get a glimpse of Jaffa to the left.

Banana Beach is located in Charles Clore Park on an isolated stretch of coast in the Mediterranean. It sits north of Alma Beach and is south of Jerusalem Beach, so it’s right in the middle of everything!

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach offers volleyball courts and has a saltwater swimming pool. Plus, there are lawns to lounge upon if you dislike the sand.

Once you get to the boardwalk, there are many restaurants to keep you full and happy. Then, the beach bars pop up after sundown, so you can party after hours with drinks, dancing, and DJs.

It’s one of the busiest beaches because it’s close to the Sheraton Hotel. There are various buses and railways that take you there. In fact, it’s located at 1 Gordon Street in Tel Aviv!

Jerusalem Beach

Tel Aviv Jerusalem Beach is often called the “matkot” beach because of the tick-tacking sound from the lovable game. You can join in if you’re up for it or take a dip in the sea. Right across the street, there is Abulafia, which is a famous Arabic bakery in Jaffa. Likewise, there’s Shakes Pree for shakes and juices.

Its address is Retsif Herbert Samuel Street in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It takes roughly 15 minutes from Tel Aviv-Yafo to get there.

Bograshov Beach

Bograshov Beach is the ideal place to be because you’re in the center of everything. Locals and tourists enjoy hanging out on this stretch of the coast. Grab a spot in the sand to see the Mediterranean Sea or glance out at Tel Aviv’s architecture. Watch the people, sunbathe, or grab food from one of the many eateries nearby.

The beach is located on Bograshov Street in Tel Aviv, and there are plenty of hotels nearby, such as Best Western, Orchid Tel Aviv, and The Lusky. Generally, you can get there by bus!

Mezizim Beach

Mezizim Beach is legendary because of the beachside eateries, late-night lounge bar, chill atmosphere, and tons of beach loungers. It’s got decent restroom facilities and a playground for young children. Plus, it’s only a few minutes from Tel Aviv Port, so you can easily get there without a huge hassle.

Ha'Maravi Beach

The Maravi (Ha’Maravi) Beach is found on the south tip of Tel Aviv’s coastline and is the last sandy one you’ll see before getting to Jaffa. It’s an open coastal strip where you can find high waves, and it is fun for everyone. While surfers often flock here, families enjoy it too.

Tel Aviv’s Best Gay Beaches

When you want some sand and sun, you rarely think about whether you’re visiting traditional or gay beaches. Tel Aviv is more modernized now, and many in the LGBT community wish to have a separate space where they can relax and unwind without fear.

While all beaches accept people of any race or sexual orientation, you can expect to find more like-minded people at these beaches:

Ga'ash Beach

Ga’ash Beach is considered a nudist beach and is about 35 minutes north of Tel Aviv. The endlessly sandy space is clothing-optional, and most people think it’s a gay beach. However, clothed and straight people are welcome to visit.

to get there:
1. Go to Yakum by taxi, and ask the driver to let you off near the Yakum intersection.

2. Cross a pedestrian bridge that heads to the beach.

3. Walk the length of the field and go left, move up a hill, and continue walking until you find it!

Hilton Beach

When you visit the Tel Aviv Hilton Beach, you’re surrounded by the beauty of the beach, but there’s also a large water-sports market. This is considered a gay beach, though it attracts tourists of all types, including surfers, dogs, young people, children, and families. It’s accessible for disabled people and has three parts.

Let’s Party! – Tel Aviv Beach Parties

Most beach parties pop up unexpectedly, but there are scheduled events throughout the year. For example, if you go to Banana Beach, Clara is right nearby. This is a huge outdoor bar and club, which sits on a cliff overlooking the sea. Overall, you could find many exciting things to do here!

It’s hard to pinpoint where the parties will be, but Rothschild Boulevard is well-known for being a party mecca. Likewise, Levontin has great nightlife.

Where to Stay

Once you know where you want to visit while in the area, you need the best Tel Aviv beach hotels. There are plenty of options, and we make it easy to search for and book accommodations so that you can prepare for your trip!


Are you ready to experience the many attractions in Tel Aviv? Most of them are found at the local beaches in the area, and we’ve discussed various options to help you plan. Whether you want a nudist or gay beach or prefer one with more traditional features, there’s something for everyone.


Which part of Tel Aviv should I stay at?

Stay along the Tel Aviv Promenade for a perfect blend of beach access, vibrant nightlife, and cultural attractions.

When can you go to the beach in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv's beaches are welcoming year-round, but the best time for a beach visit is from late spring to early autumn when the weather is warm and sunny.

Are the chairs and beds free on Tel Aviv Beach?

Yes, Tel Aviv's beaches are free to access! However, there's a small fee for renting chairs and beds, ensuring a comfortable day by the sea.

Is it comfortable to swim at Tel Aviv beaches?

Absolutely! The waters are inviting for swimmers of all levels. Plus, there are opportunities for diving lessons, adding an adventurous twist to your beach experience.