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Isrotel Management

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The Management

Isrotel Management

  • Julian Lewis

    Owner and President

  • Lior Raviv

    Managing Director

  • Moshe Magid

    VP Finance

  • Benny Levy

    VP Marketing and Sales

  • Amit Bahat

    VP Operations

  • Yogev Tabibi

    VP Engineering

  • Sylvie Cohen Gabay

    VP Project Operations

  • Golan Cohen

    VP Human Resources

  • Yaron Regev

    VP Purchasing & Trade

  • Yohai Engelsman

    VP IS

  • Ori Dubitzky

    Deputy VP Finance

  • Asaf Beck

    Business Development Manager

  • Mirit Cohen

    Company Comptroller

Marketing and Sales Department

  • Orna Hatuka

    Domestic Tourism Sales Manager

  • Shlomi Shalit

    Sales Department Manager

  • Ronny Weiser

    Marketing Manager

  • Alona Kosoi

    Sales Department Manager Incoming Tourism

  • Iris Glik

    Yield Department Manager

  • Avi Shimon

    Online Marketing & E-Commerce Manager

  • Marina Shuldiner

    Sun club & Marketing Projects Manager

  • Eti Mizrachi

    Isrotel Reservation Center Manager

  • Keren Naamat

    Pricing Manager

Isrotel Chain Management

  • Royal Beach Hotel Eilat

    CEO: Avi Ross

    Hotel Manager: Ronit Maor-Cohen

    Food & Beverages Manager: Guy Gutman

    Reception Manager: Arthur Keinan Zorkin

    Public Relations Manager: Sima Cohen

  • Yam Suf Hotel

    CEO: Ran Ahinoam

    Reception Manager: Meital Levi

    Food & Beverages Manager: Shay Amar

    Public Relations Manager: Osnat Pinto

  • Nevo Hotel

    CEO: Shay Dadosh

    Deputy General Manager: Yair David

    Reception Manager: Eyal Peretz

    Public Relations Manager: Kati Gur

  • Kedma Hotel

    CEO: Boaz Tzur

    Reception Manager: Michael Ahronov

    Food & Beverages Manager: Muhammd Abu Ghosh

    Public Relations Manager: Shani Ben-Moshe

  • Sea Tower Tel Aviv Hotel

    CEO: Roy Avidor

    Reception Manager: Eyal Wisnovitz

  • Carmel Forest Spa Resort

    CEO: Ofer Agami

    Reception Manager: Dar Mishtari

    Public Relations Manager: Munira Saloum

    Clinical Dietician: Michal Lang

  • King Solomon Hotel

    CEO: David Amor

    Reception Manager: Lital Asayag

    Food & Beverages Manager: Yevgeni Chipis

    Public Relations Manager: Revital Elisha

  • Sport Club Hotel

    CEO: Roy Feler

    Reception Manager: Bar Barzilay

    Food & Beverages Manager: Amos Atia

    Public Relations Manager: Lea Biton

  • Noga Hotel

    CEO: Udi Azarzar

    Reception Manager: Kati Osinski

    Public Relations Manager: Martin Senior Abutbul

  • Cramim Hotel

    CEO: Elad Zarfati

    Operations Manager: Aviram Mizrahi

    Reception Manager: Yana Ashurov

    Public Relations Manager: Jacob George

  • Port Tower Hotel

    CEO: Omri Paliti

    Reception Manager: Itay Harari

    Food & Beverages Manager: Liron Moran

  • Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel

    CEO: Sigi Levenkopf

    Reception Manager: Orel Elimelech

    Food & Beverages Manager: Ofir Zafrani

    Public Relations Manager: Shanit Ben-Horin

  • Royal Garden Hotel

    CEO: Shani Azulay

    Operational Manager: Daniel Wisnovitz

    Reception Manager: Janna Yevseychyk

    Food & Beverages Manager: Evgeny Bondarev

    Public Relations Manager: Amit Lavy

  • Lagoona Hotel

    CEO: Lilach Cohen

    Reception Manager: Sarit Zalma

    Food & Beverages Manager: Yarden Nahon

    Public Relations Manager: Marlena Ginga

  • Beresheet Hotel

    CEO: Asher Pinto

    VP: Hedley Ephron

    Reception Manager: Evgeny Uretsky

    Public Relations Manager: Ruthi Butra

  • Orient Hotel

    CEO: Aya Grundman

    Reception Manager: Michael Elimelech

    Food & Beverages Manager: Racheli Yaakov

  • Alberto Hotel

    CEO: Ofra Kadosh

    Reception Manager: Maria Melichov

  • Gomeh Hotel

    CEO: Amir Dror

    Reception Manager: Svetlana Furlender

    Food & Beverages Manager: Roy Cahalon

  • Agamim Hotel

    CEO: Itay Gidoni

    Reception Manager: Sharon Asulin

    Food & Beverages Manager: Barbara Doukhan

    Public Relations Manager: Michal Kirshner

  • Riviera Hotel

    CEO: Meirav Gavra Zarbib

    Reception Manager: Itay Koron

    Public Relations Manager: Amit Lavy

  • Ramon Inn Hotel

    CEO: Yossi Levi

    Reception Manager: Rina Hananaev

    Food & Beverages Manager: Eden Tassa

    Public Relations Manager: Aviva Sultan

  • Royal Beach Tel Aviv Hotel

    CEO: Moshe Kanyas

    Reception Manager: Mor Zohar

    Public Relations Manager: Ruhama Azuri

    Food & Beverages Manager: Shmulik Finz

  • Publica Herzliya Hotel

    CEO: Ilan Maxwell

    Reception Manager: Lin Sason

    Food & Beverages Manager: Efrat Lev