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A Quick Guide to Visiting the Bahai Gardens, Haifa

A visit to the Bahai Gardens Haifa is a must when visiting northern Israel

One of the most visually striking sites in Israel's northern region, the Bahai Gardens is one of Haifa’s most visited attractions.

The Bahai Gardens Haifa annually welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists and religious pilgrims alike, which is no wonder: the Bahai gardens is the holiest site in the Bahai faith and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 If you're visiting northern Israel, a visit to the Bahai gardens Haifa is a must.

Photo: Itamar Grinberg

A Quick Overview of the Bahai Gardens

What with other holy and religious sites elsewhere in Israel, you may be tempted to overlook a visit to the Mount Carmel Bahai Gardens.

But that would be a mistake. Steeped in perfectly curated beauty with stunning views over Haifa bay, the Bahai Gardens is a wonder in its own right, and alone deserves a trip to Haifa.

The Bahai Gardens are the holiest site of the Bahai faith. The Persian founder of the Bahai religion, the Bab, was shunned by the Arab world for his beliefs, and banished and imprisoned in the then-Ottoman Empire’s prison in Akko. He was later allowed to buy a house in the area and live out the rest of his days in peace there. Nowadays, Akko is another pilgrimage site for Bahais.

The Bab’s remains are located in the Bahai Garden’s middle section. The gardens are the world center of the Bahai faith, most gardeners in the Bahai Gardens are Bahais invited to tend to the gardens on a unique working visa.

The Bahai Gardens are made up of three sections: the lowest section face onto the former German Colony of Mount Carmel; the middle section houses the gold-capped Shrine of the Bab, where the Bab’s body is buried, and the upper section begins on Mount Carmel’s stunning Louis Promenade, and the main gateway to the park.

The Bahai Gardens run to one kilometer in length, with 19 terraces of flowers, sculptures, and water features throughout.

Photo: Itamar Grinberg

Where to Stay Near the Bahai Gardens

Haifa is a popular tourist destination, yet for a truly tranquil Haifa vacation experience, Isrotel’s hotels in Haifa will provide you with the perfect relaxation experience.

Easily accessible to the Bahai Gardens, the Carmel Forest Spa Resort is a tranquil retreat in the breathtaking Carmel Forest Reserve.

Named Spafinder Magazine’s “Best Spa in the Middle East”, several years running, the resort’s 126 rooms are fully focused on ultimate relaxation and regeneration. Between a choice of relaxing beauty and body treatments in the specialized treatment rooms, the Carmel Forest Spa Resort also offers an indoor pool, a range of fitness and wellness activities, dry and wet saunas, and a Turkish bath.

Photo: Itamar Grinberg

How to Visit the Bahai Gardens

The Bahai Gardens opening hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily but are closed on Bahai holidays and Yom Kippur.

Bahai Gardens tours are available to join daily at 12:00 p.m, and are available in English, Hebrew and Russian.

The Bahai Gardens dress code requires visitors to wear modest clothing, ensuring your shoulders and knees are covered. Due to the somewhat slippery nature of the paths, it is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes with good traction to avoid injury. It is also advisable to wear a hat, to bring sunscreen and enough water.

The Bahai Gardens price of entry is free of charge, unless you would like to book a private Bahai Gardens tour for either individuals, small or large groups.

Photo: Itamar Grinberg
Photo: Itamar Grinberg

Stay Near the Bahai Gardens Haifa

Enjoy the perfect vacation near the Bahai Gardens Haifa with Isrotel. Book your Haifa vacation today.