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Dead Sea Holidays
  • Most people know what to except when they think about a holiday in the Dead Sea – floating in the salty water, covering in healthy mud and staying at spa hotels. Although you can find all the above, the Dead Sea and surrounding area have a lot more to offer!
    The Dead Sea Region has it all: extreme sports, health and spa centers, hiking and world cultural & historical sites that make the area unlike any other in the world! Discover the lowest place on earth and explore the fascinating sites nearby.
    Cool Down in Natural Springs, Hike or Climb, Go on ATV Tours
    While most people associate the Dead Sea with spa and relaxation, you can discover plenty of adrenaline packed activities in the area. Camel and horseback riding, ATV tours and rock climbing or abseiling are just a few options to explore the desert in an eventful way. In case you wish to relax, you can find many spa centers in the Dead Sea, most of them use the special Dead Sea water or mud for treatments

    Among the Main Sites in the Area:

    Masada – The UNESCO World Heritage site is approx. a 25 minutes' drive from the Dead Sea. The site is on a mountain top with access by foot (Snake Path) or a cable car. Visitors can see ruins of an amazing fortress from the 1st Century AD. The unique location additionally offers great views of the Dead Sea & Judea Desert area, and if you get there early enough (through the snake trail only, opens an hour before sunrise) you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise! Masada also hosts several cultural events; the most famous of them is the Israeli Opera's Masada Fest held every year in June; nights of outdoor operas in a breathtaking natural setting.
    Ein Feshkha (Einot Tzukim) – a site of natural springs in the northern Dead Sea area. It is a beautiful natural reserve with natural shallow pools, wetlands and archeological sites.
    Ein Gedi – The lovely natural reserve includes a stream, a waterfall and several natural pools of different depths; it is possible to swim in one of the bigger ones. The site also includes an accessible route of 0.5 km.
    Qumran – The site is located in the northern Dead Sea near Kibbutz Kalia. History enthusiasts would love to learn more of the community that lived in this site some 2000 years ago. However, keep in mind that the fascinating Qumran Scrolls are exhibited at Israel Museum in Jerusalem and not on this location.
    Qasr El-Yahud – the pilgrimage site is believed to be the point in which the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and entered Canaan. It is also believed to be the place of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. The site is visited by hundreds of thousands of Christian pilgrims every year. Qasr El-Yahud is a few kilometers north of the Dead Sea, 10 km east of the city of Jericho.

    How to Pick a Hotel in the Dead Sea?
    Ein Bokek is the main tourist area of the Dead Sea, it includes more than 15 hotels that together offer more than 4,000 rooms and suites. Most Ein Bokek hotels are in a walking distance to the Dead Sea, and some of them have private beaches. In addition, in the nearby area (Ein Gedi, Kalia, Neve Zohar and Masada) you can find guesthouses and other hotels, however, most of them are at a driving distance from the Dead Sea beaches.
    Isrotel Ganim Hotel is a 4 star hotel, just a couple of minutes' walk to a well-kept public beach. The hotel offers a lovely spa with 2 Dead Sea Water pools, a gym and other facilities. The hotel is popular among families.
    As stated, the Dead Sea hotels and health centers have earned a much deserved reputation for their excellent facilities and treatments. Isrotel Dead Sea is a 5-star hotel with a grand spa which includes sulfur pools, Dead Sea Water pools, saunas, solarium and other facilities. The spa also offers a varied treatment menu, health workshops and indulging spa packages for an extraordinary and relaxing vacation.

    Summer or Winter?
    The Dead Sea is one of the driest regions in Israel. Its mean annual rainfall is approx. 50 mm and the average temperature in winter is approx. 21° Celsius during the day and above 10°during the night. In summer, temperatures during the day can climb up to over 40° Celsius during the day. For that reason, many guests choose to visit the Dead Sea during the winter and enjoy the relatively comfortable weather.