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Eilat Nightlife
Eilat Nightlife

Clubs, live shows and more in the southmost city in Israel

  • Nightlife in Eilat: Time to Party

    Eilat is a bustling city with things to do in all hours of day and night. When the sun goes down and pools and beaches close, many bars and clubs open. You may not know that but Eilat holds a unique record – the city with the most clubs, bars and other entertainment venues per capita in Israel. It is the perfect place to go out tonight!

    Bar, Beers and Good Music
    The pubs in Eilat are very popular with tourists and Israelis alike, they are great places to meet new people and enjoy the evening. Many of the bars are located near the beach allowing visitors to admire the Red Sea views while having a cocktail. Among the most popular bars:
    Mike's Place, King Solomon Boardwalk
    The Eilat branch of the famous chain is a great place to enjoy live music or watch a game on a big screen. You can see upcoming shows here.
    The (Three) Monkeys, Royal Beach Boardwalk
    The Monkeys is one of the oldest and best known hubs in Eilat. It hosts live performances and dance parties every week. Find out more here.

    Paddy's, Yotam Road
    The Irish pub is a great place to spend an evening; Paddy's menu includes more than 20 different brands of beers and sea food. The pub hosts live music acts and during the European football season it screens live games several times a week from the most popular leagues in the continent.
    Park Avenue, Ofira Park
    The restaurant-bar holds several dance nights/ live music per week. Park Avenue is a "regular" restaurant until 11 PM but from then on the atmosphere changes and the music becomes louder! Check out upcoming events on their web page.

    Dance the Night Away
    Most of the clubs in Eilat are located in rather remote industrial areas, away from residential zones. The Clubs differ in the style of music they play, and most hold several parties a week.
    Among Eilat's leading hubs:
    Hangar 72, Ze'at Apecha
    Since its opening in 2013 the massive and well-designed club with 6 VIP areas became one of the most popular party hubs in Eilat. Outside of the main building you can chill out with your friends at one of the two outdoor bars and many sitting areas. Find out about upcoming events on Hangar 72's Facebook page.

    Selena, Carmel
    The club named itself after the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology and for a good reason. This is one of the biggest open venues in Eilat, known for its moon parties. You can catch up on upcoming parties and live shows on their Facebook page.

    View Bar, Hame'lakha
    The unique dance bar is located on a roof the size of 500 sq. meters, and hosts some of the best DJs in Israel. During the summer, the bar also hosts live music. Visit them on Facebook.

    Joya, Tourism Center (Merkaz Tayarut), Yotam Road
    The club is usually open four times a week and holds parties in various styles. Find out more on its Facebook page.

    Hachava (The Farm, previously known as Havat Haya'en)
    This desert location is just a few minute drives away from Eilat city center. The place hosts massive events, usually with more than 10,000 party-goers. Most of the year's events are held in July.

    Beach Parties
    Eilat has beautiful beaches and four of them hold parties and live performances during the evening: Dekel Beach, 9 Beach, Banana Beach and Village Beach.

    Keep in mind that nightlife in Eilat can be very different in the winter. During high season the city seems like a non-stop party, however, during the winter most clubs are open only on weekends.