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  • "And wine to make glad the heart of man", the famous quote from Psalms suits perfectly a wine vacation. You begin your holiday full of expectation hoping for the perfect resort, good food, complete relaxation and some really good wines that will make your vacation even better. Wine lovers can even make their favorite drink the focus of their holiday; Isrotel Hotels promise to provide the guests a complete package dedicated to the great tastes and scents of Israeli wines.

    There is a wide selection of Israeli wines depend on the type of grapes (Merlot, Cabernet, Riesling etc.) and the production process that effect the sugar content in each wine. Every wine begins as a grape juice that undergoes fermentation, during which the yeasts convert the grapes' natural sugar into alcohol. If the fermentation process is stopped before it is complete, sugars still remain in the wine and the wine is called semi-dry. Semi-dry wines are sweeter than dry wines; in the latter the yeasts convert most of the grapes' sugar into alcohol.
    Every good meal could be made so much better by selecting a good wine to go with it. In the past, it was common to serve red wine with meat and white wine with pasta or fish. Nowadays there is a wider selection of wines of each color and matching wines with food is becoming less limited.
    Selecting a wine to match food is first and foremost a matter of personal taste. Some diners would prefer a wine that blends with the food's flavors while other rather contradictory tastes. For example, you may drink a sweet Port wine with a sweet dish or have a blue cheese or some kind of salty cheese that would contradict and balance the Port's sweetness instead. The time of year is also an important factor, many red wines are heavy and warm and suit the winter season perfectly while chilled white wines are light and refreshing are very popular during the summer. Our advice is to ask the sommelier for recommendations, try out new tastes and find out what is your personal favorite.

    Wine Tasting Vacation
    Cramim Spa & Wine is located in the very heart of Judea Mountains Wine Region at Kiryat Anavim Kibbutz. The hotel is very much in line with the area's atmosphere and overlooks some local vineyards. The region's boutique vineyards grow unique grape types and wine will accompany your holiday from start to finish. You can join vineyards tours and get to know local grapes or attend wine workshops where you will find out more about winemaking as well as taste Israeli and international wines. Cramim has a wine boutique which includes an exceptional wine cellar, carved inside the hill, which offers many regional wines as well as wines by other Israeli and international brands. The wine boutique holds various activities involving wine including tastings, lectures and workshops. The boutique is also a shop and guests may buy Israeli and international wines at this site.
    In addition, all meals served at our chef's restaurant are accompanied by great wines, you can also order wine to your room. Occasionally Cramim Hotel hosts wine themed weekends that include wine and chocolate workshops, lectures regarding growing wines or matching wine to food and of course, many tastings.
    The hotel spa also takes part in this wine festivity and offers body treatments as well as beauty and facial care known as vinotherapy – therapies which are based on wine and its ingredients. Grapes and wine are part of many anti-aging therapies as they enrich the skin with vitamins E and C, as well as due to their high concentration levels of fatty acids, which makes them efficient in reducing wrinkles and slows down the skin aging process.
    If you are heading north, Carmel Forest Spa Resort will offer you the wine vacation you dreamed of. The 18 acre resort is situated on top of the Carmel ridge, among forests in the middle of the beautiful green scenery of the Carmel Forest Natural Reserve; it is the biggest health and spa resort in Israel. The resort's great spa offers many treatments, rich meals and an international bar wine with a rich selection of Israeli boutique wines, boutique beers and small chef dishes to go along with them. Every day during the early evening hours Carmel Forest holds wine tastings accompanied with explanations regarding the different kinds of wine. You may also tour in one of the area's wineries among them: Tishbi, Binyamina, Somek and Carmel.