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Bike Tours in Ramon Crater

Experience the Crater on Two Wheels

  • Whether you are alone or with your family and friends you can enjoy Ramon Crater's many bicycle routes, at all difficulty levels. It is time for you to challenge yourself and ride the winding desert paths while admiring amazing views as well as some unique geological sites. You don't even have to bring your own bike with you down to the Negev.
    Most of the routes begin at Be'erot Car Park where you can find information station and other services. All trails beginning at Be'erot are marked: family trails (suitable for all ages) are marked in blue, trails marked in black are for experienced riders only (medium-high difficulty levels).
    Water is an important consideration, during the hot months you should drink about one liter of water per hour and should take with you a little bit extra. Keep in mind that many of the trails are not shaded. If you plan on going on long and difficult tours, you should take a thermostat with you to monitor your body temperature. During the summer, you should probably start rather early as around noon it might be simply too hot to continue riding. In the winter, on the other hand, things are rather different. There are very few rainy days, however, the temperatures could be rather low, and once in every few years it snows in this desert place.

    As a rule, you should not be riding (even if it is only a short route) during the hottest hours in the summer (11:30 AM – 3:30 PM).

    Do bring appropriate clothes and other items such as sunscreen, sunglasses or thermal wear depending on the season.


    Family Tour: From Be'erot to the Crater and Back
    Distance: 12 KM
    Duration: 2 – 4 hours
    Start/Finish: Be'erot Car Park
    Difficulty: Easy
    Suitable: For the whole family
    The path is suitable for riders in all difficulty levels. It will take to amazing places in Ramon Crater including a small body of water, a khan (desert inn), cliffs and great views of the perfume road. The ride begins and ends at Be'erot and you can fill your water bottles there. Most of the track is flat although there are a few very short and mild climbs.

    Ramon Crater for Advanced Riders – Experienced Riders Path
    Distance: 31 KM
    Duration: 6 hours
    Start: Mitzpe Ramon
    Finish: Be'erot Car Park
    Difficulty Level: Medium
    For: Experienced Riders
    The start point is Ramon Crater Visitors Center, at the edge of a cliff overlooking the amazing crater scenery. This is the only place to fill your bottles of water throughout the route so please make sure to take plenty of water with you. The route goes via the Park of Desert Sculptures and several observation points overlooking the crater, Ardon Mountain, Bikat Machmal, Ramon Creek and on a clear day, even Edom Mountains.

    Mitzpe Ramon – Eilat Trail
    In March 2015 eight consecutive routes of some 300 km between Mitzpe Ramon and Eilat were officially inaugurated as part of the Israel Bike Trail. All of the eight parts of this desert path are difficult and suit experienced riders only. They are not circular routes meaning you must have a car waiting for you at the end of each point (unless you decide to camp out). Much of the trail is not covered by the Israeli cellular network which means you should be escorted by a vehicle. Two of these 8 routes start at Ramon Crater, the distance of each of them is some 40 KM.

    Road Biking
    Road riders can find several quiet and relatively secluded roads in the area such as the road between Haruchot Junction to Mount Hariff, Ma'ale Akrabim and the climb to the Big Crater (Yerucham area). Guests of Isrotel Ramon Inn can rent bicycles and safety gear at the hotel as well as order escort vehicles.

    Guided Bike Tours
    You can join one of the guided tours leaving Beresheet Hotel provided by Geo-Fun, you can rent a bike on site (please order in advance). Moreover, if you brought your own bicycle with you, you can use the maintenance room that includes a bike washing area, storage zone, lockers and a shop selling repair items/ parts.

    Special Services for Bike Riders
    Isrotel Ramon Inn also includes a maintenance area as well as rental services. You may rent bicycles, helmets, baby chairs, safety gear, maps and more. In addition, before hitting the road (or crater) you can order a field kit that includes power gels, energy bars and isotonic drinks. If you prefer, you can order sandwiches and fruits instead. After returning from a long and tiring tour you can relax at the hotel, have a big dinner, sit by the pool or in the sauna.