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Spa Vacations in Israel

Get Some R&R in the Best Resorts in Israel

  • Do you ever feel like getting away from the stressful everyday routine? A spa vacation could be just what you wish for, recharge your batteries, feel physically and mentally relaxed and may be even address some health issues. You can go alone or with your spouse/ partner or with your family or friends, just treat yourself to a spa vacation. In this guide you can find some tips for planning the perfect spa holiday.

    What's your choice - Indulgence or Health?
    In order to select the perfect resort, you should start with thinking about what are the most important things in your vacation. Do you aim to become more relaxed and stress-free? Would you like to have a couple's getaway and plan to spend your time in the hot tub or sauna with your loved one? Maybe you would like to take care of that bad back that's been bothering you for months now? Defining your goal can help you choose the right spa and the right treatment package. Keep in mind that your body and soul are connected and helping one will relieve the other.
    Make sure that the spa you chose specializes in the needed therapy
    You can enjoy a wide array of treatments in the many spa hotels and health centers across Israel, among them: relaxing body treatments, balance and release therapies, deep tissue massage, nourishment and health workshops, beauty care, facials, couple's therapies, anti-aging and even ice-cold saunas. Before choosing your resort, make sure that it provides the type of therapies or facilities you wish to have.
    Spa resorts such as Carmel Forest Spa Resort of Isrotel Exclusive Collection specialize in spa vacation and may provide you a package that suits your needs perfectly – a couple's indulgence package, health package, beauty care package, Indian and Thai styles of therapies and more. You may choose short or long treatments, fun days and more.
    Some spa resorts offer unique therapies. Cramim Spa & Wine for instance, also a part of Isrotel Exclusive Collection, provides on top the usual body treatments, facial and beauty care, vinotherapies, treatments that use grapes (in various forms) in anti-aging care, aiming to slow down the skin's aging process. These special treatments are much sort after so it is best to order them in advance.

    The Perfect Treatment at the Perfect Place
    If you truly wish to get away from your daily routine and get some R&R don't focus only on the treatments but also consider the location, the spa's facilities – sauna, hamam, swimming pools, hot tubs etc. as well as the rooms and restaurants in the area. A pastoral view, gourmet meals, mountain air and other features will complete your spa vacation experience and make it a unique and unforgettable getaway.

    Key to Peace: Attentive Staff and Great Service
    Many people have some reservations, especially before their first spa vacation from their first massage. But you should not worry; at professional spas the therapists are skilled, attentive and sensitive. You may ask for a male or female therapist. If you have any kind of health issues please update the spa personnel who can offer you the right kind of treatment. Pregnant women should also notify the therapists in order to get the suitable massage.