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Before the Wedding
  • A Moment before the Wedding, Have a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party to Remember
    Wedding preparations could be quite stressful – flower arrangement, the dress, the photographers, rings and music...a bachelor or bachelorette party could be a good way to relax. Spend some care free time with your best friends and enjoy good food, spa treatments and everything else you might like. Instead limiting the party to one night only, you can go to a hotel and turn this one night event to an entire vacation.

    Why Should You Plan Bachelor/Bachelorette Nights at a Hotel?
    In a hotel you may enjoy a hot tub, comfortable beds, a multimedia system, VIP lounge access, room service, spa treatments and much more. In addition, you can also host people who might make your night even more fun. Girls may host sexologists, numerologists, fortune tellers etc. or take part in dancing or chocolate workshops. The guys could have wine, beer or steaks workshops.

    Time to Party!
    Do you like partying until the small hours of the morning? Eilat or Tel Aviv will be perfect for you. Royal Beach Eilat and Isrotel Agamim as well as Royal Beach Tel Aviv and Isrotel Tower are located in cities known for their bars and clubs. In either Eilat or Tel Aviv you can spend your day at the beach and the night… well, that's up to you. You can enjoy a wide array of bars, restaurants and parties or just have a little bit of fun in a karaoke night. A real bonus of staying at a hotel is that you can always find some parties in a walking distance; no one has to be the designated driver.

    Get Out of the City – Have the Party in a Forest or in the Desert
    If you rather keeping away from the hustle and bustle of the city Isrotel Ramon Inn and Carmel Forest Resort could be just the places you are looking for. Ramon Inn is located in quite desert surroundings with breathtaking scenery, perfect for hiking, biking or off-roads tours. The Carmel Forest Resort is located in the midst of a green forest area. You can explore the area and complete your day with a relaxing massage.

    Bachelor/Bachelorette Night Continue in the Morning After
    A major bonus of having a party at the hotel is that you can sleep in in the following day, then get up and enjoy the hotel's rich and tasty breakfast. You can continue your day at the spa, by the pool or on the beach.

    Surprise the Bride or Groom
    When booking, you can plan a special surprise – private chef dinner, spa packages, beauty care etc. You can learn more about all available activities from our reservations team. Whether you would like to have a special surprise at the hotel or plan horseback riding, sailing, abseiling or anything else outside of it – we can give you all the information you need.